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Bella Poarch, TikTok star, has reportedly filed for divorce from her secret husband, Tyler Poarch

Bella Poarch has shocked everyone by filing for divorce from her husband, Tyler. Many people are surprised by the news because the influencer has been keeping her marriage a secret.

Poarch has over 92 million TikTok followers, but the Filipino-American singer has never mentioned her husband or shared a photo of the two of them. The details of Poarch’s divorce from her husband are revealed below.

A Divorce Petition Is Filed by Bella Poarch Against Her Husband

Bella Poarch has reportedly filed legal papers in Los Angeles County, and those papers have been obtained by the tabloid TMZ. Bella, the whose given name is Denarie, filed for divorce from her spouse Tyler Poarch, giving the reason of “irreconcilable disagreements.”

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According to the divorce papers, the pair tied the knot in January of this year. Interestingly, the social media celebrity was spotted smiling broadly in a mirror photo just two days before her wedding.

Even though Poarch has shared thousands of images and videos on social media over the past three years, not a single one of them has shown her wearing a wedding band. The influencer has previously said, on multiple occasions, that she was currently dating no one.

The Fans Were Shocked at the News

Social media users reacted with surprise to the news of Poarch’s divorce, wondering how the influencer had managed to keep her marriage a secret for so long. Having a job in the spotlight while hiding a whole guy for four years is a crazy level of stealth, an admirer remarked of Bella Poarch.

Fan tweets included “the fact that Bella Poarch’s pals didn’t snitch are faithful since she managed to keep her marriage a secret for four years” and “apart from Bella Poarch being married secretly.

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It’s her husband’s last name, not Poarch, which is another thing that has caught me off guard. Also, her name is not Bella; it’s Denarie, Ms. Gurl (or Mrs. Girl), or Taylor.

To prove that not all second-generation Korean pop stars are monogamous, I need to go no further than Bella Poarch.

Regardless of how accessible or communicative a celebrity may appear to be with their followers, it is ultimately their decision whether or not to make such information public.

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Last year, rumors began to circulate that Bella was dating rapper Tyga. After the two were seen in a few TikTok videos together in September of 2017, dating speculations began to circulate that the social media star was dating the rapper Tyga.

In the rapper’s Los Angeles residence, the two were spotted dancing to his music. Later, Poarch clarified that their supposed romantic relationship was actually purely platonic.

She announced her single status on the H3 show from earlier last year. The 25-year-old lady admitted that while serving in the Navy, she dated two different guys.

According to reports, the second man deserted her after he found out she was quitting the Navy due to mental health issues.

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