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“Midnights”, Taylor Swift’s New Track List is out featuring Lana Del Rey in ‘Snow on the Beach

Taylor Swift uploaded a photo of herself and Lana Del Rey on her Twitter page on October 7 with the statement, “THE NEWS IS OUT! Lana Del Rey will duet on “Snow on the Beach” on Taylor Swift‘s forthcoming album “Midnights.”

The tracklist for her 10th studio album, Midnights, has finally been unveiled, and Swift has described it as “the story of 13 sleepless nights that have spread throughout my life.”

Taylor Swift has announced the song names for her forthcoming album Midnights, which is scheduled for midnight release on October 21.

Swift did not provide any other context or information about the song, although it appears likely that she and LDR collaborated on it.

Side A contains the following songs:

Lavender Haze Maroon Anti-Hero Snow On The Beach by Lana Del Rey

You Are Alone, Kid Midnight Rain

Side B:


Vigilante Shit Bejeweled


Absolute Nothing


Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey have already collaborated with producer Jack Antonoff, who has worked extensively with both singers.