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Marilyn Manson Is Being Accused of Sexually Assaulting a Minor

On Monday, a lawsuit in New York accused the musician Marilyn Manson of “childhood and adult sexual abuse, sexual battery, assault, and molestation.” You can find more details about this issue through this article.

Who is Marilyn Manson?

Brian Hugh Warner is an American rock musician. He was born on January 5, 1969, and his stage name is Marilyn Manson. He became well-known as the lead singer of the band with his name. Since the band started in 1989, he has been the only member who has stayed the same.
His stage name, like the stage names of the other founding members of the band, was made by putting together the words of two American cultural icons who were at odds with each other: actress Marilyn Monroe and cult leader Charles Manson.

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What case has been filed against the Musician?

Marilyn Manson is being sued again for sex crimes, this time by a woman who says she was groomed and sexually assaulted by him when she was underage in the 1990s. A complaint filed Monday in New York state court says that Manson targeted the Jane Doe plaintiff when she was 16 and used his fame to “groom, manipulate, and exploit” her. This led to multiple sexual assaults over the course of their relationship, the complaint says. She says that Manson’s record label, Nothing Records, which is owned by Interscope, didn’t protect her because it didn’t have safeguards to stop its artists from committing sex crimes. Manson, whose real name is Brian Warner, is named as a defendant in cases that use the New York Survivors Act. He is joined by Bill Cosby, Mike Tyson, and Fox News.

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Doe says she met Manson when, in 1995, after a show in Texas, where the age of consent is 17, he invited her on his band’s tour bus. The complaint says, “While on the tour bus, Defendant Warner engaged in criminal sexual conduct with Plaintiff, who was a virgin at the time. These acts included, but were not limited to, forced copulation and vaginal penetration.” “Plaintiff was in pain, scared, upset, embarrassed, and unsure of what was going on.” Doe got off the bus, and Manson’s tour manager gave her a 1-800 number so she could stay in touch with Manson. The number came with a password that was “given to girls while the band was on tour so they could get special access to the band,” the lawsuit says. It also says that Doe started using drugs and alcohol after the assault to deal with it. Manson is said to have invited Doe to a concert in Louisiana the same year. The lawsuit says that Manson started to get her interested in him by complimenting her art. He then attacked her.

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“Defendant Warner then became more aggressive and sexually assaulted Plaintiff again, including kissing, biting her breast, oral copulation, and penetration,” the complaint says. “Another man on the tour was on the bus with Plaintiff when Defendant Warner sexually assaulted him. According to what I know and believe, this man worked for Defendants.” Doe got back in touch with Manson in 1999, and he invited her to go on tour with the band. The lawsuit says that Manson “laid the groundwork” to scare and control her by giving her drugs and keeping her away from her family and friends. “During the tour and while in the state of New York, Defendant Warner forced Plaintiff to have sex with him, both on concert days and on days when there were no shows,” the complaint says. “Defendant Warner often forced Plaintiff to have sex simultaneously with him and other band members or his assistant.


Warner controlled what the plaintiff could do, who could touch him, and who he could have a sexual relationship with, all while giving the plaintiff drugs. Notably, the suit says that Interscope and Nothing Records are to blame because they didn’t do anything about claims that Manson “habitually and routinely” did sexual things with women under the age of 18. Doe says that they “knew or should have known” that he was a “repeat sexual offender” and that they should have stopped him from getting drugs and young fans. “Defendant Interscope and Nothing Records knew or should have known that Defendant Warner had a history of giving drugs to female fans he let backstage, on the bus, and in hotel rooms and sexually assaulting minors and women before Defendant Warner sexually assaulted Plaintiff,” the suit says. The complaint says, among other things, that there was the sexual battery, negligence, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. Jane Doe says that the abuse has caused her a lot of emotional, physical, and mental pain.

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Has Marilyn been accused for similar cases before?

Several women have said that Manson sexually assaulted them. Actress Esmé Bianco from “Game of Thrones,” model Ashley Morgan Smithline, Manson’s former assistant Ashley Waters, and another “Jane Doe” have all sued the artist, claiming that he groomed and sexually abused them in similar ways. Bianco reached a deal with her on Tuesday. Manson has denied the charges, so Smithline and Walters won’t be able to sue him. Walters’s claims were made after the time limit had passed, and Smithline missed a deadline for filing, so the suits were thrown out.


After several women accused Manson of wrongdoing, the lawsuit says that the artist set up a campaign to bother and scare Doe. This includes putting private information about her in public, hacking her Instagram account, and paying a famous YouTuber to try to hurt her reputation. The Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office is still thinking about whether or not to file criminal charges against Manson for sex crimes that allegedly happened in West Hollywood between 2009 and 2011. Since California’s statute of limitations for rape is ten years, it may be too late to charge Manson with these alleged assaults.

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