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Tennessee football not confirming Jaylen McCollough’s pre-Alabama practise

Josh Heupel would not say on Thursday if Tennessee football safety Jaylen McCollough is practising with the team before they play Alabama. McCollough was arrested on Sunday afternoon and is now being charged with aggravated assault, which is a felony.

In a statement made Tuesday, McCollough’s lawyer said he was not guilty. Heupel kept saying Thursday that a decision about McCollough’s status with the Crimson Tide has not been made.

“Obviously, with the situation, there is a process that goes on,” Heupel said. “We are still dealing with it. We will see where we are by Friday night.”+

No. 8 Tennessee hosts No. 1 Alabama (6-0, 3-0) on Saturday. Tennessee is 5-0 and 2-0 in the SEC (3:30 p.m. ET, SEC Network). McCollough has been a starter for the Vols for four years. Pro Football Focus says he is tied for fourth on the team with 23 tackles and has played the most defensive snaps (353).

A UT representative talked about what Heupel said about whether or not McCollough was practising to prepare for Alabama. Heupel said, “We are getting multiple guys ready to play,”

McCollough, 22 years old, was arrested Sunday afternoon after a report of an assault at an apartment at 2030 Grand Ave. According to the arrest warrant, a man with a bloody, swollen mouth and missing teeth said he had been drinking with friends who live in the complex when he went to get things from a car.

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The man said that he had gone to the wrong building by accident when he got back. He knocked, but no one opened the door. So, he opened the door to the apartment that was not locked and went inside.

When he realised he was in the wrong apartment, he said he was sorry and left, as he told the police. He said that a man chased him and got angry. He said he was sorry again and told the man, “didn’t have to be an (expletive) about it.” The man who was chasing him then punched him in the face. He fell backwards down the stairs and passed out.

Police found blood on the stairs that led to the apartment on the top floor of the building. A woman who said she was McCollough’s girlfriend was also talked to. McCollough came back to the scene with a bloody bandage on his right hand after she called him.

The report said that McCollough did not answer any questions, and he was taken into custody without any trouble. “Mr McCollough is helping the University of Tennessee and the Knoxville Police Department investigate these claims in every way,” “said his lawyer, Chloe Akers, in a statement already written on Tuesday.

“He hopes that this will be cleared up quickly and insists that he is completely innocent.” McCollough was charged with felony aggravated assault, a Class C felony that could get him three to fifteen years in prison.

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McCollough was taken to the county jail, where he was booked and given his first court date. He was then released on a $2,500 bond. On November 18, he will have a preliminary hearing to examine the evidence against him.

Heupel said on Monday that Tennessee was getting more information about the arrest after hearing about it late on Sunday. He said Wednesday that most of McCollough’s situation is being taken care of by the UT administration.

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