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Kelly Mi Li, of “Bling Empire,” Has Recently Declared Her New Romantic Interest

Kelly Mi Li was introduced to Netflix viewers in the first season of Bling Empire as being in a volatile relationship with ex-red Power Ranger Andrew “Drew” Gray. Despite their breakup throughout filming, the season one finale saw them reconcile.

Before Season 2, they broke up again, although Andrew made an unexpected appearance at the end of Season 2. Five months passed before viewers learned if he had returned to the show and reconciled with Kelly.

Kelly was ready to move on with her dating life when Season 3 of Bling Empire resumed filming. The reality star announced her new relationship at the season finale.

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Can you tell me who Kelly has been seeing lately and if they are still together? Find out what Kelly has revealed about her current relationship status in the following text.

Whom did Kelly Mi Li, of “Bling Empire,” recently date?

Despite Kane Lim‘s best efforts to introduce Kelly and his friend John at the beginning of Season 3 of Bling Empire, the two only went on a handful of dates before realizing there was nothing.

But by the end of the season, Kelly had admitted that she was seeing someone else, though she was not ready to expose his identity to her pals.

Kelly acknowledged her committed relationship status in the season 3 finale, “The One That Got Away,” Kane had every intention of telling everyone about his friend’s new flame, but he refrained.

After Christine Chiu asked if Kelly and Andrew were back together, Kelly emphatically said they weren’t. But she insisted that her ex is a “great person,” and that she genuinely hopes for his happiness.

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Kelly promised that they would finally meet when the moment was right. Even though Kelly did not reveal the name of her new beau, she did declare her love for him during the confessional.

“I have been injured a lot, that is for sure. However, I think I have discovered love at last…” It was Kelly who said it. And I am looking forward to seeing where this goes, and I think I want to expose him to the group gradually.

What happened between Kelly and her lover at the end of Season 3 of “Bling Empire”?

Kelly’s new romance was further suggested on Instagram after Season 3 premiered on Netflix. She said she and the mysterious man were still together. On October 6th, the O.G. Bling Empire starlet posted a clip from the episode in which she describes her perfect man.

Kelly’s ideal guy, as she put it in the video, is “kind, grounded, sincere, honest, and non-judgmental.” Kelly joked that she was only searching for “the basic stuff.” after listing a laundry list of characteristics in the video.

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Kelly captioned her Instagram image with “This scene tho,” followed by three crying-laughing emojis. “But, hey, I tracked him down [smug grin emoji]. So ladies, keep your expectations high.”

Considering Kelly is still seeing her mysterious beau, he may make an appearance on Bling Empire Season 4 (assuming the show gets renewed). Netflix currently hosts all of Bling Empire’s first three seasons.