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Who is Holly Sonders? Where is the Former Golf Channel Star Now?

If you’re an enthusiastic golfer and Golf Channel viewer, chances are you remember Holly Sonders, a former personality for the network. After graduating from Michigan State in 2009, where she was a women’s golf team member, Sonders found her footing in the sports media industry at Golf Channel.

She would subsequently go on for four years at FOX Sports before departing the organization in 2019. In the time since Sonders has started a fitness app and gotten engaged. All the while, she’s built herself a fantastic following on her Instagram.

Sonders is at the outset of her career at the age of 33. We may expect to hear much more about her in the years ahead, but for now, let us examine her background.

How did Holly Sonders get her start?

Ohio-born Sonders studied at Michigan State. She completed her degree in 2009, but not before helping the Spartans win the 2007 Big Ten women’s golf tournament. Sonders would go on to serve as a Big Ten Network sideline reporter before working in TV in her hometown of Columbus and Little Rock, Arkansas.

She then launched her career in the media by landing a job at Golf Channel. It was there that Sonders would begin to establish herself as a household name.

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Astounding Success Out There

Holly Sonders rose to fame at Golf Channel, particularly as an on-course reporter for events and her work on the shows Morning Drive and Golf School. She became an influential figure in the network thanks to her combination of golf expertise, energetic personality, and striking good looks.

Sonders had an outstanding tenure at Golf Channel, which led to her current position at FOX Sports. She would experience the greatest triumphs and deepest despair of her career there. Sonders was a mainstay on FOX’s golf coverage and also hosted and covered college football. Unfortunately, she had specific difficulties during her stay.

She had been replaced as an on-course reporter and moved to the postgame program just before she left. This change occurred after Sonders had “the worst day of her life” at the 2015 US Open in Chambers Bay.

At the conclusion of the event, she asked winner Jordan Spieth if he had packed a fifth outfit for a hypothetical Monday playoff. Sonders claimed that the downgrade “hardened her.” and that it was the catalyst for her October 2019 departure from FOX Sports.

Where does Holly Sonders stand at this point in time?

Last April, Sonders released the TEAM-UP Exercise app, which she bills as “dedicated to fitness, health, diet skincare, relationships, and wellness of every kind.” With over 486,000 followers, her Instagram account attracts a large audience. HollySonders.com, her content website, was also recently released.

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There, in addition to a spot to send her private messages, she features particular material that may not be appropriate for the workplace. Although this is a significant departure from Sonders’s previous success on the golf course, we predict that she will enjoy at least as much, if not more, success in this new field.

A Busy Love Life

In 2011, Holly Sonders wed Erik Kuselias, a former coworker at Golf Channel who is now a commentator for ESPN and CBS. The couple split up in 2016. It was rumored early in 2019 that Sonders was dating the new head coach of the Arizona Cardinals, Kliff Kingsbury. Eventually, as Kingsbury began his NFL career, he and his ex-girlfriend split up.

Sonders dropped the bombshell that she was engaged in December 2019. The TV hostess/model said yes to the proposal made by professional sports bettor Dave “Vegas Dave” Oancea, 44. Sonders said of Dave that she “truly fell in love with him instantly” after hearing his “personal story and rise above adversity to become a self-made man.”

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It appeared that things were going well for the couple, but in August, Oancea disclosed that he had returned to Las Vegas for professional reasons to live with his parents. The couple is still together, but he has been living with his parents for the past month and a half so that he can “sleep well at night — no disruptions” and work more efficiently from their home office.

“So I have pretty much sacrificed my relationship with a beautiful woman,” Vegas Dave stated in October. “Here’s hoping Vegas Dave and I can figure it out.” What Holly Sonders does next in her professional life will be fascinating to watch. She has a vast audience that is dying to know.