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Who Is Malachi Barton’s Girlfriend In 2023? Is He Dating Ariana Greenblatt?

Malachi Barton is a rising star in the entertainment industry.  The 16-year-old singer and songwriter has already achieved fame and fortune, but who will be the lucky girl to capture his heart? People wonder, who is Malachi Barton’s girlfriend? With his meteoric rise in popularity, it looks like the answer to this question will soon be revealed.

A Little Intro Before We Jump Into His Relationship Status

Image Source: Disney

Malachi Baron, 15 years old, is an up-and-coming child actor and singer in America who is most known for his roles in Stuck in the Middle, Dora, and The Last City of Gold. The actor can be seen in a lot of advertisements and promotional videos. At the young age of 4, he began his acting career. He has contributed to advertisements for Lay’s Chips, Kmart, and McDonald’s.

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The American actor is active on social media, where he can be found using the name @malachibarton on Twitter and Instagram. Malachi has accumulated massive wealth from his acting and singing careers as of the 2023. The American celebrity’s net worth is reportedly $400,000.

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Who Is TikTok Star Malachi Barton’s GF in 2023?

Malachi Barton, a 15-year-old actor, and TikTok celebrity, has never been in a relationship and has no girlfriend. According to several sources, Barton is still single in 2023.

He co-starred in the TV show Stuck in the Middle with Ariana Greenblatt from 2016 to 2018, and they stayed close throughout that time. They made it clear that they were close friends and frequent hangout companions.

Malachi isn’t having affairs despite the fact that he is already 15 years old. Like his co-stars, the American actor is currently pursuing his career and school. He schedules both his academic and professional activities.

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Are Malachi Barton and Ariana Greenblatt Dating?

Image Source: The Project for Women

Disney actor Malachi Barton and Ariana Greenblatt are rumored to be dating based on their closeness and TikTok videos. The truth is that they are both unmarried and not romantically involved with one another. The actress claimed that she met people through her acting career and that Malachi was a terrific friend who was always kind to her. She claims that Malachi looks out for her like a big brother.

The actress states that they enjoy troubling one another because they are close friends and behave like siblings to one another. There are no rumors or speculative stories regarding Arianna’s relationship. She is currently enrolled in a local school in Foxy, Los Angeles.

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Malachi Barton and Ariana Greenblatt’s Family Background

Ariana Greenblatt is a year younger than Malachi Barton. Ariana was born in 2008, while Malachi, who is now 15, was born in 2007.

Barton is Caucasian and American. His parents raised him in Virginia Beach, Virginia, in the United States. His parents, Loren and Felica Barton, have cherished him since the day he was born. Felicia Barton is a singer, and Loren Barton is a talented musician and guitarist. She appeared on American Idol in 2009, and the song “Nightingale” is dedicated to her. The actor, who is 15 years old, is the only child in his family. He started his career as an actor and told his parents they are in charge of his work life.

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