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Who is Karl Jacobs? Is He Dating Chandler? Explore the Truth Behind this Rumor!

Known as GamerBoyKarl before a name change, Karl Jacobs is an American YouTuber who frequently appears in challenge videos created by MrBeast. Even if Karl Jacobs’ fame among streamers has persisted, his romantic relationships remain a point of interest for many of his followers. So, let’s look at dating and relationships of Karl Jacobs.

Karl Jacob

Who is Karl Jacobs?

It was just five weeks before Jacobs was set to graduate from college when MrBeast gave him a position. He abandoned his studies to become a cameraman on the set. When The Viking quit the on-screen cast, Jacobs was given a chance to join in on the challenges. This invitation from DreamSMP directly resulted from Jacobs’s rapidly increasing fame. He signed up for DreamSMP in August 2020 and launched his gaming channel on YouTube the following month. With his expertise in Minecraft, Jacobs has amassed 1.42 million subscribers in just a year.

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Karl Jacob

Who is Karl Jacobs dating?

As of now, from different sources, we can assume that Karl Jacobs is single. The streamer’s life revolves around his YouTube and Twitch channels. Although there are currently speculations that Karl and Chandler are dating. On the contrary, Karl Jacobs does not identify as gay, according to the sources. Karl announced his impending asexuality on the trainwreckstv podcast in late 2020. Chandler’s Instagram account now features images from his wedding. According to an Instagram post he made on July 11, 2021, Chandler announced his engagement with Cara Davis. He’s the youngest member of the Beast Gang. Thus it can be affirmed that Karl Jacobs and Chandler are not dating.

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