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Lee Da Hae Before and After Plastic Surgery: Can we notice any changes in the facial features of the Korean actress?

Plastic surgery is relatively frequent in Korea, and many famous singers and performers in Korean dramas have benefited from it. Actress Lee Da Hae rose to fame but has since struggled in the face of significant problems related to her decision to have plastic surgery. Lee Da Hae is a famous actress and model from South Korea. There have been rumors and speculations about her plastic surgery history due to the noticeable changes in her appearance over the years. You can find more details regarding this from the following article.

Lee De Hae

Who is Lee Da Hae?

Lee Da Hae, a contestant in the 2001 edition of Miss Chunghyang, was born in 1984. She did not meet the conventional beauty standards of the period in Korea because of her square jaw, large face, and monolid eyes. Consequently, Lee Da Hae’s visage was continually made fun of online for being what many viewed as unattractive. Da Hee began her acting career in the early 2000s, and she has since been in several films and TV series.

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Her 2019 acting credits include Love Alarm, a web drama. She has received much acclaim for her versatility as an actress. In 2018, Lee also made an appearance in the critically lauded romantic comedy The Beauty Inside. The 2019 love drama Search: WWW featured her as one of three leading ladies opposite Lee Jae-Wook. On July 3, she and Jang Sung-kyu were announced as co-hosts of the girl group reality show Queendom, set to premiere in late August. In addition, Lee and Ghost Studio reached an agreement in the month of November 2022.

Lee De Hae

Can we notice any changes in the facial features of the Korean actress?

As per different sources, Lee Da Hae underwent plastic surgery to enhance her appearance, specifically to increase the size of her eyes, elevate her nose, reduce the size of her chin, and plump out her lips. Her career took off when she “changed” her appearance. Very soon, Lee Da Hae was cast in blockbuster films, including “My Girl,” “East of Eden,” “IRIS 2,” “Miss Ripley,” and many more.

Lee De Hae

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Mnet’s “Wide Celebrity News -Quick Talk” had Lee Da Hae as a guest on their April 29 broadcast. Lee Da Hae was quizzed about her perfect match on the day in question. Asked what attracted her to a man, she replied, “I look into his eyes first. I’m drawn to gentle men with red lips and brown eyes. Nowadays, one’s stature is of little importance. She said, “I was overweight before. I also “remodeled” my face.”

Final Words

After years of speculation, Lee Da Hae, a Korean actress, has admitted to having plastic surgery to improve her appearance.  Her broad features, square jaw, and monolid eyes did not match the Korean beauty standards of the time. People on the internet routinely mocked her for having an ugly face. She eventually underwent a series of cosmetic procedures to alter her appearance, including enlargement of her eyes, a nose job, reduction of her jawline, and augmentation of her lips. When she “fixed” her appearance, her career also took off.

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