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City Girls JT Shuts Down The Plastic Surgery Rumors Once And For All! Here Is All You Need To Know

JT of the City Girls, a rapper from Miami, has recently been lighting up the Internet with photos showcasing her curvy cuteness, leading some fans and followers to wonder if she has had plastic surgery. The “P*ssy Talk” hitmaker took to the Internet to clarify the situation.

JT Shuts Down Plastic Surgery Rumors!

Following the recent appearance of images of the City Girls rapper’s teenage mugshot, it has been suggested that she had a nose job. Naturally, the rapper appeared differently as a child than as an adult, but some fans believe that JT’s appearance changed due to plastic surgery.

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Since then, she has responded to the allegations online with receipts denying she has ever had plastic surgery. JT asserts that the old mugshot used as evidence against her is unreliable, and she claims that her skin has improved. The rapper published a selfie with the mugshot and a more recent one of herself without makeup. JT stated on her Instagram Story, JT wrote in the caption,

“I never had any surgery, “Please leave my chubby puberty acne mug shots alone. I was a young lost teenager in Florida sun with bad skin! Now I’m grown paid & polished… get over it.”

JT had to defend her boyfriend, Lil Uzi, against online critics following a heated Instagram live conversation he had with Yung Miami. Following the discussion, JT deactivated her Twitter account and has yet to reactivate it. Uzi claims it was all in good fun:

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 “That’s my gf best friend. I was playing with her. She always cursed me out..”

The JT S Picture: Fans React With Shock And Amazement

An image of JT before her fame circulated, prompting the native of Miami to share a side-by-side comparison of her face from then to now. She admitted that her skin was not in the best condition in the past, but her fans have always adored the same look.

Fans began to concur and exclaim about the significance of skincare. A famous comment stated, “Skin care is essential and will change your face!!

Another supporter joked that the caption should read, “Remember… You are not unattractive… just broke.”

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When critics insisted that the rapper had undergone plastic surgery even though the photographs were virtually identical, they were criticized.

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One user responded, “However, it appears identical in both images.” Others observed that the rapper’s skin appeared lighter than before, which may have been caused by the Florida sun.

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