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Has Lia Austria undergone any plastic surgery? Notice the Changes in her Appearances!

Originally from the Philippines, Lai Austria is now based in the United States and has become a famous YouTuber and model. Her admirers are all abuzz with curiosity regarding her recent surgery. Rob Moya, her new boyfriend, is why she’s become famous. This article is meant to let you know whether the model has undergone any surgery.

Lia Austria
Lia Austria old and new photo; img src:

Has Lia Austria undergone any plastic surgery?

Neither any  sources nor Lia herself has admitted the undergoing of any plastic surgery to modify her appearances. However recently her old and new photos are being compared thereby convincing fans that she has been under the knife.  When photos of Lia Austria were taken in the near past, it was clear that she had undergone a remarkable transformation. Recently, both her black hair and brown eyes have taken on a much more attractive hue. It’s possible that very little information regarding the model’s actual life is available. On social media, she provides us with snaps of her travel and expert vlogs.

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