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Is Ciara Pregnant Again in 2022 Or Is It Just A Rumor! Here Get Everything You Need To Know

After a TikTok video of the singer went popular on the internet, fans are persuaded that Ciara would be pregnant again in 2022.

The joyful mother of three, Ciara, has not responded to this. Fans speculate that they may have learned the information earlier than the artist did.

Although Ciara has already spoken up about her pregnancy journey, the most recent TikTok has undoubtedly raised some questions.

Tiktok Video Goes Viral

Lolaloveu5, a TikTok user, posted the video with the artist on her site on March 19.

It seems Lola is a fan of Ciara and was fortunate enough to interact with her in person. The TikTok user certainly succeeded in seizing the opportunity as she was able to get a photo with Ciara.

The two simultaneously recorded a little video. Lola posted the identical image on the platform with the following caption: “his beat is automatic supersonic hypnotic funky fresh Ciara? Yes ma’am.”

People discovered the video within a short period of time, and some believed the singer may be pregnant.

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CIARA’s fans believe she is pregnant.

Fans immediately noticed that Ciara seemed to be pregnant because of this. Some Twitter users who were astonished to learn the singer may be expecting to watch the video, which also managed to draw their attention.

Fans sought to call the TikTok user out for destroying Ciara’s privacy, but she defended herself in the meanwhile. “To be fair, I didn’t even notice that she was pregnant. I meant it when I stated that you all made me aware of it. I didn’t mean any harm. We shot three photos before to the video, but because I felt so weird, I asked if I could simply record a video of her instead.

The following are some examples of these responses:

A Look At The Social Media Of Ciara

Fans think that the video might have shown that she is pregnant, but it looks like Ciara’s social media tells a different story.

The singer has been posting a lot of photos that might make people think she is not pregnant. In fact, Ciara also showed off her slim body in one of the photos.

So far, Ciara hasn’t said anything about these rumors.

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