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How Did Tommy Smith Die Father of YouTuber Everleigh Rose LaBrant?

The 2017 YouTube channel created by influencers Savannah Rose and Cole LaBrant frequently features personal life updates.

The young parents-to-be and their four children, Everleigh (now 10 years old), Posie (now 4 years old), Zealand (now 2 years old), and Sunday (now 3 months old), are frank in each film about their marriage, their unfaltering Christian faith, and their parenting.

Cole and Savannah first crossed paths when Cole was a single parent helping Savannah raise her daughter Everleigh. This is nothing new for fans of The LaBrant family. Tommy Smith, who became Everleigh’s father, was someone the influencer met when she was a teenager.

Savannah has been very forthcoming throughout the years regarding her experiences as a co-parent to Everleigh and her union with Tommy. She also made the family tragedy of Tommy’s death at 29 years old known to the public. Some LaBrant family fans have been wondering what happened after Tommy’s death.

Who Was Tommy Smith?

Who Was Tommy Smith

The father of YouTuber and internet sensation Everleigh Rose LaBrant, Tommy Smith, was 29 years old. Little is known about Tommy’s upbringing, parents, or personal life. He was romantically involved with Savannah for a long time; she is now the wife of Cole LaBrant, a famous YouTuber and online personality.

Tommy and Savannah were sharing parental responsibilities for their only child, Everleigh, who was born during their time together as a couple. After claiming, “Sav and I love co-parenting,”

Tommy went on to say, “the hate in their direction needs to stop,” so ignoring the criticism and animosity thrown at their shared parenting. Somebody please plant a tree.

How Did Tommy Smith Die?

Tommy passed away while residing in Orange County, California. He was a single parent who was supposedly in California when he passed away. The musician Tommy’s death was revealed on Friday, September 9, 2022, by his lover Courtney Santaella in a touching post she made in September of that year.

The date of your untimely departure to be with Jesus was 9/9/22, she wrote in a lengthy and touching statement. As I write this, my heart breaks into a million pieces. I really want this whole thing was a bad dream since I am so cold and at a loss for words. There is one thing I can say with certainty: without you, I would not be the person I am today.

Courtney has not officially disclosed Tommy’s cause of death, although she has described the devastating loss of Tommy. Nonetheless, word of his passing spread via the video-sharing platform TikTok. It was reported that he passed away after a drug-induced seizure, according to TikToker @daisyjanewood.

Daisy learned that Tommy and an AA buddy of his accidentally took fentanyl, which led to cardiac arrest, convulsions, and other medical complications. The formal autopsy report for Tommy is unavailable, although there have been claims from other sources that fentanyl was the killer.

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