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Her Loss: The New Drake And 21 Savage Collab Album Release Date; All You Need To Know

You won’t have to wait long to hear the joint album that Drake and 21 Savage revealed last week. 
The song, which the duo wrote together for Drake’s most recent album Honestly, Nevermind, was used in the new Jimmy Cooks music video, which unveiled the title. 
All that is currently known about the collaborative album is its name, Her Loss. However, we are aware of the publication date.

The group album will be released on Friday, November 4, 2022. 
On social media, Drake acknowledged that 21 Savage’s birthday fell on the day the “Jimmy Cooks” music video debuted. On the album “Honestly, Nevermind,” the duo created a music video in June 2022 for Jimmy Cooks. Since the song video came out on 21 Savage’s 30th birthday, fans made assumptions about when the joint album would come out.

In the audio-visual creation of “Jimmy Cooks,” the song “Her Loss” was released at the 1:25 mark. At Wednesday’s event in Atlanta, Drake also made an unexpected appearance to delight the crowd. 
Everyone is really thrilled about the new album, as seen by one Twitter user who wrote: “Drake & 21 Savage… a collab record that actually makes sense for once lol I’m pumped.” 
I can understand how this record by Drake and 21 Savage won’t be great. Another ecstatic fan gushed, “Their chemistry is crazy.” 
“My hopes for the 21 Savage and Drake collaboration are HIGH,” a third individual remarked. There is no excuse for it not being on fire.

Other Albums by Drake and 21 Savages: Over the past few years, Drake and 21 Savages have established themselves as rappers who frequently work together. Numerous albums are represented, including “Knife Talk” by Drake, “Certified Lover Boy” by Savage, “Mr. Right Now” by Metro Boomin, and “Savage Mode II” by Savage. The other songs by the group are “Sneakin'” and “Issa.”

The combined consumption of the tracks of both rappers appears to be very high in 2022. This year also saw the releases of the albums “Knife Talk” by Project Pat featuring 21 Savage and “Wait For U” by Tem featuring Drake.

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