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James Corden Apologizes for Restaurant Ban Controversy in ‘Late Late Show’ Monologue: ‘I Made a Rude Comment and It Was Wrong’

At the beginning of Monday’s broadcast of “The Late Late Show,” James Corden addressed the current controversy over his later-reversed suspension from the New York restaurant Balthazar and apologised for “the harsh comment” he made about the establishment’s waitstaff.

When food that his wife would have been allergic to was unintentionally brought to his table, Corden claimed he made the remark “in the heat of the moment.”

James Corden Apologises For 'Rude Comment' Over Restaurant Ban

“I didn’t scream or shout. I stayed seated instead of getting up. I didn’t insult anyone or speak negatively about them. I’ve been acting as though I’ve done nothing wrong, am I right? But in actuality, I have. I said something that was inappropriate and unpleasant,” Corden admitted. “It was a pointless remark. It was impolite toward the server.

James Corden Can ‘eat For Free’ For A Decade If He Apologizes To Balthazar Servers He Insulted, Owner Says

The owner of Balthazar, Keith McNally, officially expelled Corden from his establishment last week after alleging two instances of the late-night host’s unpleasant behaviour on Instagram. But following a phone discussion with Corden during which the comedian “apologised sincerely,” McNally decided to lift the prohibition.

“I called him right away and expressed my outrage that whatever I had said had caused anyone any harm. We spoke well. In his monologue, Corden stated that he was grateful for the call. “I was glad we were able to talk about it openly, and I thought we handled it privately. But the news had already spread at this point. People were indignant.

Additionally, Corden praised Balthazar, saying, “I adore it.”

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When these kinds of opportunities present themselves, Corden said, “I prefer to have rather a British mentality.” Never complain and never justify. I live by this maxim. However, as my father emphasised to me on Saturday, “Son, you did complain.” You might therefore need to explain. You have to accept responsibility when you make a mistake, believe me.

When Visiting New York, Corden Also Voiced The Hope That He Would Be Welcomed Back To Balthazar So That He Could Make Amends In Person.

The “Late Late Show” premiered on Monday night, marking the start of a brief break for the late-night program. In a recent interview, Corden said he intended to discuss the subject on the evening’s show.

When McNally read The Times interview, he posted a follow-up Instagram wondering whether Corden was “joking” or “denying being nasty” to his staff. McNally had previously caused controversy for himself by appearing to endorse Ghislaine Maxwell on social media.

Although a large portion of his personnel claimed to have seen the incident, the restaurant owner claimed he wasn’t there personally. In his Instagram caption, McNally stated that “they had nothing to gain by lying. Corden acted.

In his opening monologue on Monday, Corden criticised his own remarks as impolite, needless, and unkind.

There were other jokes regarding the subject scattered throughout the comedian’s monologue, some of which made reference to public tweets.

“Never Complain, Never Explain Is Very Much My Motto,” He Added.

Corden continued to describe what transpired from his perspective, claiming that his wife informed the restaurant personnel of her food allergy and then received the offending meal. Three times, he claimed, they received the dish “wrong.”

I made a caustic, crude remark about preparing it myself in the heat of the moment, he claimed. And it’s a remark I sincerely regret making. After that, Corden stated that he had respect for folks who work as servers because he has experience working in restaurants for a long time.

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But this is the reality, he said. “Because I didn’t yell or scream, I didn’t get up from my seat, I didn’t call anyone names, or anything like that,” the speaker said.

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