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Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa Reportedly Leave The Game Due To Head and Neck Injuries

Tua Tagovailoa, the quarterback for the Miami Dolphins, suffered another scary-looking injury for the second time in five days. His trip to the hospital this time involved a stretcher. 

Tagovailoa attempted a backward pass in the second quarter of Miami’s 27-15 loss against the Bengals, but defensive tackle Josh Tupou sacked him. Tupou threw Tagovailoa to the ground, where he landed heavily. Tagovailoa stayed put, and footage from Amazon Prime Video showed his fingers locked in a fencing stance. 

Tagovailoa slammed his left elbow, back, and helmet to the ground. For several minutes, he remained on the ground, despite the concerns of the opposing team’s players. He was placed on a stretcher, and the stretcher was used to immobilize him before he was hauled away.

Tua was sacked on what should have been a simple play in the second quarter, and his hands started to clench, which suggested he had suffered serious brain damage.

The medical staff on the scene recognized the severity of the situation and quickly dispatched a stretcher to remove the Dolphin’s quarterback from the field. Many people think that his injuries from last week may have had something to do with what happened today, so the Miami team is sure to get what they deserve.

The University of Cincinnati Medical Center, located around 5 miles from Paycor Stadium, was where Tua was rushed after the incident. It just so happens that Ryan Shazier, a linebacker for the Steelers, was treated here in 2017 after sustaining a career-ending injury. Shazier posted on Twitter that he hopes Tua gets well soon.

Positive Updates On Tua’s Recovery – Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins announced on Twitter that Tua is conscious and has “full movement of his extremities”.The further excellent news is that he has been released and will return with his squad tonight, as reported by TNF on Amazon Prime.


Former NFL quarterback turned NFL analyst Ryan Fitzpatrick admitted he was struggling in his new role after the injury of a former teammate: “I have to be honest, this is really hard right now. When you’re a player, you have to keep playing. It’s really hard for me to be here right now.”

The Dolphins’ head coach commented on Tua’s injury: “If there’s any inclination that someone has a concussion, they go into the protocol. As long as I’m head coach, this will never be an issue you have to worry about”.

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