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Who Was Coolio’s Wife, Josefa Salinas? Everything You Need To Know About His Ex-Wife & Kids

Coolio, a rapper who dominated the music scene in the 1990s with singles like “Gangsta’s Paradise” and “Fantastic Voyage,” has passed away, according to his manager and friend Jarez Posey. He was 59.

The Grammy-winning rapper, who in the 1990s was among the most well-known names in hip-hop, was only partially right. “Gangsta’s Paradise” has remained one of the most-heard songs despite having received over 1 billion plays on both Spotify and YouTube early this year. Coolio has been touring since the album’s release; on Saturday, at the age of 59, he was scheduled to give a performance in Stuttgart, Germany.

Who is Coolio Wife Josefa Salinas?

Josefa Salinas, the wife of Coolio, first met the rapper from “Gangsta’s Paradise” in 1987. Before getting married, the pair dated for almost ten years.

It appears that Salinas had ties to the music business as well. According to the publication, she developed a fan base while serving as a radio personality on stations including KQIE-FM, HOT 92.3, and Power 106. She spent more than 30 years working in radio and donated to a number of women’s, children’s, and Latino-related charities. She had previously received the President’s Volunteer Service Award from former president Barack Obama.

During their marriage, Coolio and Salinas were interviewed by Roseanne Barr. At the time, Salinas discussed her “music van,” which acted as a mobile studio for kids.

Salinas was reportedly appointed to the office of the commissioner by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti in 2018.

Salinas is present in social media today. On her Instagram, she shares motivational words, with the most recent one being from August 25, 2022.

What caused Coolio and his wife to end their relationship is unknown. They refrained from drawing attention to their divorce. Coolio had a number of relationships during the course of his life, but he was only ever married to Josefa. She was a Los Angeles-based radio host who later transitioned into management and supported her then-musical wife’s career. The book 101 Things To Know Before You Date My Daughter, My Best Friend, Or Me was also written by her.

About Josefa Salinas

Since she has established a solid reputation in the media industry, Josefa Salinas is not commonly recognised as the late rapper’s ex-wife. She has become a well-known media figure because of the consistency of her radio work at California’s KQIE-FM.

Every day, Josefa can be heard on several Southern California FM radio stations. Josefa was given the prestigious Woman of the Year Award by the Los Angeles County Commission for Women and Supervisors on March 9, 2020. This was in honour of her amazing work in the arts and media.

Additionally, Josefa made an appearance with her then-husband on The Roseanne Show in 1998 to discuss a mobile studio idea. Coolio talked about Josefa and her many accomplishments before introducing her. She has a child. “She is a mother. She is my manager. She is my friend, and she’s my homegirl,” he said.

How Many Kids Did They Have Together?


Since Coolio’s passing, numerous publications have alleged that he had four kids with Josefa. The rapper and his four children appeared in the reality show Coolio’s Rules on the Oxygen Channel, but according to The Seattle Times, the rapper had two additional children who had declined to participate in the programme.

Additionally, the rapper has been open about his kids occasionally disliking his music. “On occasion, when I ask them, ‘How do you feel about this song?’And they’ll just say, ‘That’s whack,'” he disclosed.

 Mimi Ivey And Coolio Had A Long-Term Relationship

Coolio was married exclusively to Josefa, but he also had a committed relationship with Mimi Ivey. Several different reality shows featured their romance. According to Yahoo News, the couple was a part of a 2013 Celebrity Wife Swap episode when the rapper switched spouses with Sugar Ray vocalist Mark McGrath.

Mimi talked candidly with Where It Begins in 2020 about how the show affected her. Even though I had the utmost affection for Coolio, I wasn’t content with the way our relationship was going at the time. “Particularly after taking it in from a fresh angle,” she said.

The couple was featured in the 2020 season of the television show Love Goals. In the programme, the pair dealt with relationship issues. She said to WIB, “I knew I had trouble trusting guys, but I never understood it was a repeating component from my childhood trauma.

We both have grown in ways that we might not have been able to if we hadn’t participated in the show, thanks to the wealth of knowledge I’ve gained about myself and my partner.

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