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Joe Thomas Weight Loss: How Did He Shed Pounds And Found A New Life?

We all have various obstacles to overcome when it comes to weight loss. Sometimes we can feel hope inspired by the changes we see in our favorite athletes.

If you want to change the way you lose weight, you should look at Joe Thomas’s weight reduction journey. Read on to learn everything there is to know about Joe Thomas’ weight loss from this article!

Joe Thomas Weight Loss

The star player struggled to stay on the heavier side of things during his NFL career. Eating bad food was always a necessary part of trying to maintain his weight on the upper side, and this had consequences. He was always using anti-inflammatory drugs or painkillers to control his discomfort.

Joe Thomas Weight Loss
Joe Thomas Weight Loss

He eventually reached a point where he was eager to give up the game and lead a better life. Without the aches and pains and ongoing weight gain, he wanted to be able to walk about more easily and play with his pals.

After retiring, he made several dietary and exercise changes and returned to his collegiate weight target of 250 pounds. He lost around 50 pounds of his weight.

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Joe Thomas’ Diet Plan

Joe Thomas described how he effortlessly shed his 50 pounds after retiring. He achieved this by reducing the excess calories he had previously consumed. After this first weight loss, he needed to develop smart eating habits.

He says that understanding the proper ratios of carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids is essential to weight loss. He began recording his meals and maintaining proper portion sizes.

He now eats a low-carb diet and stays away from processed carbs and most sugars. Instead of just loading his plate, he learned to consider the food’s nutritional content. He has been eating slow-digesting items like meat and vegetables to stay within the 1500–2000 calorie range each day.

Joe also understood that his consumption of sugars and carbohydrates was contributing to his inflammation. This was a big factor in his decision to reduce his intake of sugar and carbohydrates. He experienced a reduction in knee discomfort and felt lighter after switching to a low-carb diet.

Joe Thomas' Diet Plan
Joe Thomas’ Diet Plan

Joe Thomas’s Exercise Routine

Each person may benefit from a different combination of elements when it comes to an exercise regimen. Joe Thomas appeared to have benefited greatly from yoga. After retiring, he started practicing yoga and mentioned how great it feels for his body. Being mindful of his joints, he has been concentrating on his workouts.

Joe stated that he prefers bodybuilding lifting, which usually involves performing more repetitions. In the gym, single-joint workouts are the main focus. In addition, he has been riding and swimming quite a bit. He believes that low-intensity cardio has been the most effective for his body type.

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