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Oakland King Estates Campus Shooting: Police Still Searching For Shooters Who Injured 6

The search for at least two shooters is still going on after gunmen opened fire on an Oakland, California school complex on Wednesday in what authorities described as a gang-related incident, the search for at least two shooters is still going on.

According to Oakland Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong, six people were shot on the King Estate campus, which houses four different schools, just before students were discharged for the day. 

The victims were two students, a counsellor, a security guard, and two other campus employees. While two people are in bad condition, a third individual is in a stable state. The other patients have been released by the nearby hospitals.

According to Armstrong, the police believe that a gang committed the murder and that there were at least two shooters as well as a third individual who assisted them. There might have been more participants.

He continued, “We believe that the ongoing disagreements in our city are what have led to the violence there, and we’ll keep following leads to find out who is to blame.”

“Additionally, we are aware that over 30 rounds have been discharged on this site. Not at all acceptable. “We thank God that fewer students were hurt as a result of this action,” he continued.

The shooting, according to the Oakland Police Department, was gang-related.  The Oakland Police Department claims that the shooting was gang-related.

Although Armstrong did not name the potential victim, officials believe the shooters had a specific target in mind. Additionally, detectives are still attempting to determine what precipitated the incident.

CCTV and other evidence show that the shooters went into the part of the King Estate where the incident happened that is near Rudsdale High School.

According to Armstrong, the dangerous and armed perpetrators are still at large in our neighbourhood.

As a result, nine homicides have occurred in the last 10 days as a result of a spate of violence.

 A student was stabbed and pistol-whipped at the same school a little over a month ago, and now there has been a shooting. (The Oakland Police Department declined to provide any information or answer NPR’s questions about the event.)

And less than a month has elapsed since a 13-year-old was shot at Madison Park Academy, the neighbourhood middle school. In that instance, the police department determined that there had not been a deliberate school shooting because the victim was not the intended target. After that, a 12-year-old was arrested, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

In the last 10 days, nine homicides have taken place in the city, according to officials who talked with NPR.

Armstrong characterised the surge in this kind of violence last month as “a people issue,” he continued, because members of our community no longer know how to settle conflicts amicably. And that’s awful because it leaves our communities with such a traumatising legacy. “

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