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Darcy And Stacy Before And After Photos: What Kind Of Plastic Surgery Have Darcey And Stacey Had?


Darcey and Stacey Silva first showed up in the 90 Day Fiancé series when Darcey tried to find love abroad. They continue to shock fans by getting more plastic surgery. Even though fans think it’s too much, the Silva twins keep getting more and more plastic surgery. A lot of people were interested in the new work that Stacey got around her eyes. Now, people are starting to wonder if she is hooked on plastic surgery.

What Kind Of Plastic Surgery Did Darcy And Stacey Get?

For Discovery, Inc., Getty Images was used. Ünal said in another post that the twins, who are 47, had “fox eye” surgery to make their eyes longer and their previous nose jobs fixed. They also got cheek lifts, buccal fat removal, 360 VASER Liposuction, and boob lifts, which he called “Barbie Touch Up Surgery.”

Darcey And Stacey Silva Both Had Several Surgeries That They Decided To Have On Their Own.

After getting different kinds of plastic surgery, Darcey and Stacey are almost unrecognizable. Since they are twins, the women try to make sure that if they get plastic surgery, they do it at the same time. So far, both women have had what they called a “mommy makeover” as their first step.

“It’s basically a mommy makeover,” Stacey told Entertainment Tonight about the work they’ve had done, which includes breast implants and tummy tucks. “We don’t do that all the time. Both of us have kids, and we’re pretty much keeping what we have. It’s not like we’re trying to overdo it.”

Darcy And Stacy
Darcy And Stacy

But in the second season of Darcey and Stacey, the twins had even more plastic surgery. Darcey told Entertainment Tonight in a different interview, “We wanted everything to be lifted up on our bodies. Everything has just been raised. We got a little bit of a lip lift, a little bit of a nose lift, a boob lift, and, you know, our waists were taken in. Everything has just gotten a little bit better. We feel lighter.”

“Darcey And Stacey Silva Recently Underwent A “Sultry Eye Lift.”

However, people are imploring Darcey and Stacey to stop posting photographs on Instagram. The “foxy eye lift” has recently acquired popularity, and it appears that the twins were keen to get on the bandwagon.

According to Arviv Medical Aesthetics, a medical facility with locations in Tampa and Miami, “Fox eye lifts are intended to lift the outer corners of your eyes and pull them slightly outwards, resulting in almond-shaped eyes. Changing the contour of your eyes to make them sultry will make you appear younger.”

Fans Of “Darcey And Stacey” Don’t Like Darcey And Stacey’s New Look.

Fans were shocked by how alien-like both of the pictures were that the women posted. There were a lot of comments on Reddit from fans.

One user wrote in a post with a picture of Stacey, “Pretty sure it’s some kind of addiction at this point. Plus, doctors keep giving her free stuff in exchange for mentioning her. I wouldn’t want to go to a plastic surgeon who thinks this looks good for a procedure.”

“Live long and prosper,” wrote someone else on Reddit. (She looks like a Vulcan.)” This is a reference to the Star Trek species.

But not everyone made fun of the women in the comments. Instead, people seemed to care about them and their health.

“I think it’s time for TLC to be held responsible for contributing to these two’s body dysmorphia by making them feel bad about their bodies. In all honesty, the only thing that would make me trust them again as a production company is if in the next season they went to see a therapist for their mental problems. “This is like “There’s Something About Miriam” in that the production company benefits from a bad ending,” pointed out another user.

So far, it doesn’t look like TLC is having any trouble airing new seasons of Darcey and Stacey. In the next season, which will start in January 2022, the twins will go on new adventures.

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