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Pixee Fox “The Living Cartoon” Before And After Surgery Photos: Pixee Fox Has Removed Six Ribs To Achieve Cartoon Character Proportions

Pixee Fox is a glamour model who has had more than 100 plastic surgery procedures. Photos of her before and after surgery are getting a lot of attention. In the article below, you can find out more about the model.

Pixee Fox is very hopeful that her lifelong goal of becoming a “living cartoon” will come true. Pixee wants to look like a cartoon. Most girls her age want to look pretty and try out different ways to improve their health and appearance.

Pixee was born in Stockholm, Sweden. She has always loved cartoon characters like Jessica Rabbit and Aurora from Sleeping Beauty.

She says that their curves and small waist-to-hip ratio show that they have the perfect body shape for a woman.

What Happened To Pixee?

The Botched doctors said no to the North Carolina man, who was 28 years old. Over the years, Pixiee has had four breast augmentations, lip injections, fat injections under her eyes, two liposuction surgeries, eye colour changes, and brow and butt lifts.

Pixee Fox: Before And After Surgery Photos

Pixee Fox is a model who is obsessed with surgery. Photos of her before and after surgery are making headlines. Doctors have decided not to operate on model Pixee Fox any more, even though they have already done more than 100 surgeries on her.

When surgeons Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif decided that enough was enough, they brought the 28-year-old from North Carolina on E”Blotched.

pixee fox
pixee fox

Doctors who helped her change have said that they will no longer operate on her to help her become a “living cartoon,” which is what she wants to be.

Pixee Fox: Eye Transformation

Pixee Fox has had more than 18 procedures done on her eyes to change them. She spent more than $4100 to have permanent implants put in her eyes.

Pixee’s eyes now look “cartoon green” because she got permanent implants in them. She used to have blue eyes, but ever since she was a child, she always wanted to have a different colour eye.

Pixee chose to have it done by Dr. Suraj Munjal at the Spectra Eye Hospital in New Delhi, India, because most western countries don’t offer the procedure for cosmetic purposes.

Pixee Fox: Face Transformation

Pixee Fox reportedly went to South Korea recently to change her face through a risky procedure. In the surgery, the doctors will break her jaw, shave it, and then put it back together to change the shape of her face.

The surgeons lowered Pixee’s cheekbones, moved her chin, shaved down her jaw, and then put it back in place. This was a full reconstruction of her face and bones.

The surgery to change the face was risky, and the surgeons had to be extra careful because the face has so many muscles and nerves.

Pixee Fox: Body Transformation

Pixee Fox has spent millions of dollars on surgeries to change her body, and six of her ribs have been taken out as a result. In the last few years, her waist size went from 24 inches to 16 inches.

Fox has had her jaw broken on purpose to make her face look smaller, surgery on her ears to make them look more like elves, six ribs taken out, four boob jobs, lip injections, and fat injections under her eyes.

Pixee had a nose job so she could look like a fairy. She has also had two liposuction surgeries, a brow and butt lift, and six ribs taken out.

Where Does She Live Now?

Pixee Fox has not told the media or the public anything about where she is now. She is always looking for ways to improve her looks with cosmetic procedures.

Fox is making a series of books about superheroes in which she will play the main character. She hopes that it will be as popular as “Wonder Woman.”

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