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Charles And Mona Break Up: Mona Share Little About What Happened!

On June 5, Mona told her fans something that shocked them. It looks like she and Charles are no longer living together. Many of their fans are upset and sad about the end of their relationship. So, Mona decided to tell some people what had happened.

Mona first told people about the news through an ordinary photo on her Instagram account. “New home.” She wrote on her IG Story, “Just started my single life.”

People who liked her and Charles were quick to ask how they were doing and what had happened. Some people even didn’t believe her when she said they were over because Charles hadn’t posted anything on his social media.

We did break up the other day,” Mona replied with a different story. “I won’t go into detail about the issue, it’s all trivial matters.”The YouTuber did, however, reveal that it was the result of several arguments piling up.“Looking back at the questions I wrote in my memo every time (we) quarrelled, the more I look at it, the more I get angry,” she said “Then someone actually calmed me down. The calmer I was, the more disappointed I (became).

Mona Instagram Story After Break up
Mona Instagram Story After Break up

After their last fight, Mona left their house to stay at a hotel, so it seems. Mona thought it was time to move on after three days, so she rented a place. She had to go back to their house for a shoot, though. It was said to be hard for Mona because the maid and her cats missed her very much. But in the end, she decided to keep living on her own without Charles.

Even though they played their roles well on set, Charles later followed Mona to her new home. He had hoped they could get along again. Mona said later that the two had made up, but that their relationship was in a “trial period” right now.

When asked if they would ever get back together, Mona didn’t seem sure. She said that she was very upset with Charles at the moment. But she thinks they should let their relationship go its own way.

Charles, who also used social media as a way to get his feelings out, wrote, “Get used to being scolded, (as you will) continue to be scolded. (You) don’t have to show your sadness in front of everyone. I, at least, don’t like it.”He also asked the media why they were making things bigger than they were. Mona’s caption about “going home” seemed to be a direct answer to his last post. He said “I’ve already reached home, thanks to everyone. Met a nice and good-hearted person, goodnight.

Charle Instagram story
Charle Instagram story
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