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The North American Release of the Sega Genesis Mini 2 Will Be a Tenth of the Original

If you want a Sega Genesis Mini 2, you’ll have to buy it from Amazon Japan, because Sega’s next mini console will only be sold in Japan.

Polygon says that Sega is only selling the Genesis Mini 2 to people in the West through Amazon Japan because of the shortage of semiconductors in the global supply chain.

The mini console will also be much harder to find than the Sega Genesis Mini, since only one-tenth as many will be made. In fact, Sega was only going to make enough Genesis Mini 2 consoles for the Japanese market at first. Then, it changed its mind and decided to sell the North American version on Amazon Japan.

You can preorder the Genesis Mini 2 on Amazon right now for $103.80. Amazon Japan will fulfil the order. After the shipping price, which is listed as $21.99, the total comes to $125.79. This costs a lot more than the original, which cost $79.99.

If you do want one of these mini consoles, you should probably buy it soon rather than later. With a limited number of units being made and an import system in place, the Genesis Mini 2 will probably be hard to find soon after it comes out.

On October 27, 2022, the Sega Genesis Mini 2 will be released. The console will have more than 50 classic games, including Genesis games that weren’t on the original mini console, arcade ports, Sega CD games, and a game that has never been released before.

Sega Genesis Mini 2
Sega Genesis Mini 2

We gave the first Genesis Mini a score of 9, saying, “The SEGA Genesis Mini is the best all-in-one mini console we’ve seen so far. There are some strange emulation problems here and there, but the sheer number of games and the great interface make up for any problems with the graphics.”

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