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Camila Cabello Appears To Confirm Austin Kevitch Dating Rumors By Kissing

A source tells HollywoodLife Exclusively that Camila Cabello and the dashing CEO of Lox Club, Austin Kevitch, have been secretly dating for a few months and are already fully committed to one another. The 31-year-old entrepreneur of a dating service and the 25-year-old pop sensation first connected through Nicholas Galitzine, their Cinderella co-star and close friend.

Is Camila Cabello Dating Austin Kevitch in 2022?

Every gossip is accurate! Following weeks of rumors, Camila Cabello and Austin Kevitch appeared to confirm their union in pictures obtained by the Daily Mail. The singer and the CEO of Lox Club were seen holding hands while getting coffee in Los Angeles before Camila gave Austin a short kiss.

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This is the first “confirmation” that the two are dating, FYI. They were first linked in mid-June owing to pap photos in Los Angeles, although there was not much PDA. Of course, neither Camila nor Austin have publicly stated as much, so be on the lookout. Camila seems to be dating for the first time after splitting from Shawn Mendes in November 2021.

In a July cover interview with Cosmo UK, she discussed starting to date again, stating, “I do not give it much thought. I simply want to socialize and make new friends, and over the past year, I have met a ton of wonderful ones. I do not put any strain on it, but if something happens, it is incredibly fun.”

She continued, “Before, I was like, ‘Yes, love, oh my god, love,’ and now I am just trying to have fun. “I simply want to enjoy myself and make wonderful acquaintances. It is amazing if something emerges from [them] that is something more.”

For those who do not know, rumors that Camila Cabello found love in Austin have been in the news for the past two months. When the two were seen together, the Internet started to talk about things.

They have been seen out and about a lot in the last two months. But on their most recent date in Los Angeles, Camila Cabello and Austin Kevitch decided to make their relationship official by kissing each other on the cheek.

Camila is wearing a bright blue floral dress that makes her look beautiful, and Austin looks cool in his casual clothes. In a video, the two are talking while Camila puts her hands over his shoulder.

What is Austin Kevitch’s profession?

One of the founding members of Lox Club, a culturally Jewish dating app with “ridiculously high standards” and a sophisticated inclination, is 31-year-old Austin Kevitch.

Camila Cabello Dating History: Did Camila Cabello and Austin Mahone date?

Austin and Camila dated in 2015, but their romance ended badly after Austin claimed he did not have a meaningful relationship with anybody else and began seeing Becky G shortly thereafter. Camila was dissatisfied with his interview and shortly thereafter disparaged him on Twitter.

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Why did Camila Cabello and Austin Mahone break up in the Past?

“When she revealed their relationship, he accused her of using it to sell albums, which hurt her, and they decided to break up.” “I do not have any regrets. It was my first love and the first kiss, “Camila mentions Austin.


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