There are many benefits to boxing training, including friendship, increased strength and cardio as well as weight loss. It's the original total body workout.

Boxing training for mind, body and soul

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Boxing is a sport practised, watched and loved by millions worldwide. Boxing bets are placed at major online bookmakers every day, with gamblers wagering on the outcome of the biggest and best fights. From the cramped amateur gyms churning out fit, strong, healthy and well-balanced young adults to the professional gyms filled with fighters who dream of hitting the big time and becoming a legend. It’s a sport with many benefits for those participating and the wider community. It’s no surprise that the sport of amateur and professional boxing is thriving in the United States, United Kingdom and beyond.

The great thing about boxing – and many other organised combat sports – is that you don’t have to be a budding fighter or full-time professional to enjoy the benefits. Modern boxing gyms are open to all, regardless of gender, race, religion and age. Boxing training is great for the mind, body and soul. The benefits are endless, many of which don’t receive the attention and credit they deserve. You can join a boxing gym in most major towns and cities and learn the noble art without ever getting hit or being persuaded to spar.

In this article, we explain some of the best reasons to try boxing and explain the simple steps to joining a club and beginning your new fitness journey practising a sport that has existed in one form or another throughout human history.

There are many benefits to boxing training, including friendship, increased strength and cardio as well as weight loss. It's the original total body workout.

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Why train boxing

Learning and practising the combat sport of boxing is more accessible than you may think and far more beneficial than ever imagined. Let’s start with the basics. Boxing existed and has been covering all aspects of training from cardio to strength and endurance for decades before we were bombarded with phrases like “total body workout” or “strength and conditioning”. When done properly through a qualified and competent coach, boxing is the original and best full-body workout.

It’s great for fitness and weight loss as you punch away those pounds and watch the scales drop. It’s ideal for cardio as you’ll go through a short 45-minute workout driven by your coach and fellow participants that will do you more good than two hours in a public gym left to your own workout. Try boxing training, and we guarantee one thing, you will be wringing out your sweat-soaked t-shirt at the end of the first session and every one after that.

As well as the physical advantages, boxing is a great way to relieve stress and improve your mental health. A few rounds of smacking the heavy bag with a barrage of punches, hooks and uppercuts while the gym blasts out music will instantly raise your spirits. Boxing is a great way to take yourself away from the worries and troubles of modern living. Leave your problems at the door, go through the workout and get a sweat on, then return to what was bothering you, feeling refreshed with a new mindset.

Training, friendship, learning discipline, weight loss, building muscle, increasing cardio, and de-stressing. All this can be achieved by one visit to a boxing gym. One thing’s for sure; you’ll leave that boxing hall in a better mood than when you joined.

How to join a gym

Ok, we’ll admit that a boxing gym may not be the most approachable building. You’ll often find clubs working out of renovated old churches or disused garages. A great boxing gym doesn’t need the best of kit and the latest technology. It’s a place to work out, improve your fitness and give you vital self-defence skills that have become so necessary today. But the people inside aren’t nearly as intimidating as they, or the building, may look. In fact, you’ll often find some of the nicest, calmest and most polite people from all walks of life rubbing shoulders at a boxing gym.

The easiest way to break the ice when approaching a boxing gym with a view to joining is to email or telephone, and they will invite you down to have a look around. You could bypass that stage and simply turn up without an appointment, tell the staff you wish to start boxing training then watch a session. It’s important to do this as it’ll give you a better idea of what to expect on your first night and will also let you know if the gym is worth joining.

What you need

There’s not a lot of equipment needed to start training boxing, but there are a few things you don’t want to share with other members, especially post-COVID. Go online or to any decent sports retailer and buy hand wraps, boxing gloves (10-16oz) and a skipping rope. This is more than enough to get started. Then all you need is some comfortable sportswear, and you are ready to punch the day away.

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