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Siobhan Cattigan Died At The Age Of 26: What Was Siobhan Cattigan Cause Of Death? More Details

The family of Siobhan Cattigan, a rugby player for the Scotland Women’s team who died at age 26, has joined the lawsuit against the game’s governing bodies for brain injuries.

Cattigan died in November, but the cause of death was not known at the time. But in a scary interview with the Sunday Times, Morven and Neil, her parents, said that “something terrible had happened to Siobhan’s brain.”

Concerns were raised about Cattigan’s care and support after she got head injuries in February 2020 and April 2021. The report also said, “She couldn’t take the pain in her head any longer, and Siobhan gave in to an irrational thought and acted on impulse.”

Morven Cattigan, Cattigan’s mother, told the Times, “As time went on, I compared it to dementia because I couldn’t think of anything else that would change a person’s personality so much, something that completely changes who you are.”

She also said, “Siobhan was falling apart right in front of us, and something terrible had happened in her brain.” The damning report says that Siobhan hurt her head in training and then again in a game against Wales 14 months later.

Her parents and Cattigan’s ex-girlfriend Ann say that she heard someone on the sidelines yelling, “Get her f***ing back on that pitch, get her back on!” “While they were getting care in Wales. The Scottish Rugby Union said in a statement that they “asked people who helped Siobhan during her treatment for their thoughts” and that they are “sure that this phrase was not heard or said.”

The interview talks about how Cattigan’s mental health got much worse after this and how hard it was for them to find the right medical care. It also raises questions about how much help she got in the Scotland camp. “They fixed her broken bones, but they turned their backs on Siobhan’s broken brain.” “her father, Neil, added.

“Knowing that you trusted people you shouldn’t have trusted and that you could have stopped it adds to my guilt. I was the one who got this family interested in rugby, and she started to play because she was with me.

“Rugby gave her the best times and memories, and in the end, it’s because of rugby that she’s not here.

siobhan cattigan
siobhan cattigan

In a statement, Scottish Rugby said, “Our condolences and thoughts are still with the Cattigan family, and Neil and Morven have had our full support from the beginning.”

“The mental and physical health of all our players and people is at the heart of Scottish Rugby. We have good, hardworking people working for us all over the organization, and they are all committed to giving high-quality medical care and welfare support whenever it is needed.

“Scottish Rugby has created several ways for people to get and give mental health support, including through independent third-party providers. But because medical information is private, we can’t give details or say anything about specific people.

“The rugby community in Scotland is tight-knit. Many people in Scottish Rugby and the sport as a whole was saddened by Siobhan’s death and still are because they knew her and spent time with her during her career. We continue to offer help to them if they need it.”

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