Almonds are not just a rich source of proteins it also has essential nutrients for the body. Almond is not a nut, it is a seed of a fruit that can be refrigerated for almost two years! The USA is the largest producer of almonds in the world, approx 2,002,742 tonnes. Though almond has impressive health benefits, we advise you to eat a maximum of 5 almonds along with milk in the breakfast.

See the 11 benefits of eating almonds daily below:

1. Reduces Cholesterol:

According to American Dietetic Association, consuming almonds increases Vitamin E and reduces cholesterol risks. Vitamin E prevents cell clogging and prevents cholesterol development. 

2. Regulates Blood Sugar:

Almonds regulate blood sugar levels and stabilize them. For people suffering from type 2 diabetes, magnesium in almonds plays an integral role in stabilizing it. 

3. Reduces Weight:

Almonds have high protein and fiber contents. Also, lower levels of carbohydrates reduce your appetite by preventing cravings for long. This way, you can keep a better check on your calorie intake. 

4. Good for Eyes:

As almonds have a high source of vitamin E, it protects your eyes. Apart from almonds, green leafy vegetables and carrots do wonders! Make sure to eat a balanced diet. 

5. Prevents Cancer:

Fibers in almonds help in detoxifying the body. This reduces the risk of colon cancer and vitamin E reduces the risk of breast cancer. 

6. Improves Brain Power:

L-carnitine and riboflavin in almonds help in the growth of brain cells. Want to boost your memory and brainpower? Eat 5 almonds daily.

7. Treats Anaemia:

Anemia is caused when red blood cells carry less oxygen to the brain. This can be prevented by almonds as they contain, copper, iron, and vitamins that help in producing more hemoglobin and hence, prevent anemia.

8. Good for Nerves:

Magnesium in almonds benefits the nervous system and also helps in developing a healthy metabolic rate. Magnesium also helps in better bone tissues. 

9. Treats Acne and Blackheads:

Looking for the best remedy that can prevent and fight acne, blackheads, and whiteheads? The fatty acids found in almonds can help you. Almond oil also prevents rashes on your skin. 

10. Almonds Help in Hair Growth:

If you are suffering from hair loss, lack of magnesium can be one reason. In that case, almonds can help you in healthier and faster hair growth.  

11. Almonds Prevent Birth Defects:

Folic acids in almonds protect the mother from any sort of birth defects by helping in the development of healthy cell growth. It also helps in the life cycle of a growing fetus. Hence it is advised to Pregnant women consume almonds after consulting their doctor to protect their baby from developing any sort of birth defects.


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