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How Does The Movie Eden End? Ending Explained


Welcome to Eden is a new and interesting drama on Netflix. The show is made in Spain, and it’s about a group of teens who are tricked into going to a party on an island, where they end up being taken by a group called Eden. The mysterious Astrid and her partner Erick are in charge of a group that worships nature. But as the show goes on, it becomes clear that the mysterious group’s plans are even stranger than anyone could have thought.

There are great parts of mystery, romance, and suspense in the show. The people who made Welcome to Eden basically thought about what would happen if Lost, The Hunger Games, and The 100 had a baby. The answer is Welcome to Eden, which has become the most popular show on Netflix in many countries. Who would have thought that putting all of those successful stories into one would have the same effect?

During the season, the main characters are young people who get together to plan how to get away. But it’s harder than it looks. Not only do they have to deal with the security of the island, but they also don’t have a way to get to the mainland. What happens to our main characters at the end of the story? Are they able to get away? There are spoilers in the next paragraphs.

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What Happens At The End Of Welcome To Eden Season 1?

At the end of the season, our main characters find out that Eden isn’t as perfect as Astrid had made it sound. People who live on the island act more like they are in a cult. They forget about their families on the mainland and tell others to do the same before they come to the island. Most of the people on the island were put there because they had weak minds. Which makes them very easy to control.

Zoa and his friends start to plan their escape as the manipulation becomes more and more clear. During the trial, Zoa finds out that some Eden residents are just as unhappy with their lives on the island as she is, and that they want to get rid of Astrid and Erick as leaders. Zoa finds out that Bel is the rebel leader, and she has been waiting for the right time to strike.

When Africa starts planning an anniversary party for both Astrid and Erick, someone seems to think it’s the perfect time to make their move. This is how they tell everyone that Astrid is going to die, which makes her very scared for the rest of the series. Later, after that happened, someone uses Ulises’s security card to get into Astrid’s house and try to kill her. The person trying to kill Erick fails, but ends up stabbing him in the stomach.

Astrid doesn’t want anyone to find out, so she and Erick leave for a place they don’t know. Ulises and the other people in Eden are getting ready for the next group of recruits, who will arrive in a couple of days. Astrid takes Erick to a faraway park, where they meet a young boy named Isaac, who seems to know how to treat Erick and save his life.

Africa goes to the house because she wants to know where Erick is. When she gets there, she finds Ulises’ key card on the ground. When she goes inside, she finds a strange set of computers. She presses a few buttons she doesn’t know how to use, and a signal goes off. A big satellite dish on the island sends a signal to a place no one knows about, and Isaac seems happy about it. He has been waiting a long time for this.

Zoa’s little sister Gabi, on the other hand, has been posting all the time on social media to get chosen to go to the island. Ibón’s father hired a private investigator, who has also found a signal that leads to the island. It looks like Eden is no longer so hidden. During the party for the new recruits, Zoa and the rest of the team plan to get away. But they find out something bad. They find out that they have to work at the party, which makes all of the plans they had made up to that point useless.

Who Dies At The End of Welcome To Eden Season 1?

Ulises, who is in charge of keeping the island safe, finds out about Zoa’s plan to escape during the party for the new recruits. He then confronts her. He starts to attack Zoa, and she fights back as best she can, but Ulises is just much stronger than she is. Zoa is lucky that Ibón comes to her rescue and kills Ulises by drowning him.

People come to the scene without saying anything, and they decide that it’s fine for Zoa to be the only one to leave the Island. She gets ready, but just as she’s about to get in the boat, she sees that her younger sister Gabi has arrived at Eden. That means, of course, that she has to stay to care for her. We can’t leave the island yet.

At the end of the season, there are still a lot of questions. What is the message that Isaac and the big dish are sending? Is the cult talking to extraterrestrials? What does Eden really want to do? What do they really want to do with all these young people, and why do they need so many recruits?

There will be a second season, but we don’t know what will happen, so anything could happen. Researching the real-life cult called “Heaven’s Gate” should help you understand where the show’s creators got their ideas from.

Welcome to Eden
Welcome to Eden

Who Is Isaac In Welcome To Eden?

So, who is Isaac? The way Astrid and Isaac talk to each other shows that they already like each other. Up to a point, one of trust. Isaac doesn’t live with Astrid and Erick. Instead, he roams the Eden at night. Only Zoa has seen him, but she doesn’t really know who he is yet. Zoa probably thinks Isaac was just a dream because no one else says anything after she asks if there are children on the island.

Isaac’s house is full of monitors and other tech, as well as drawings and a few toys, which shows that he is still a kid at heart or acts like one. At his home, he is only with an older woman, who is likely his caretaker, and they wear different clothes than in Eden. They use eyebrows and dark oranges, and they look more like monks than anything else.

We haven’t really explored much of the island because one of Astrid and Erick’s rules is that we can’t go anywhere on the island. Worried that other people will find Isaac? Or maybe we don’t know about any other groups on the island. Isaac’s confession really opens up a whole new set of questions.

It’s also strange that such a small child knows enough about medicine to heal Erick. But Isaac has one of the most strange things happen to him right at the end of the season. One of the new people, Africa, gets into Astrid’s house, where she finds a lot of supercomputers working on who knows what. She pushed some buttons, which makes Isaac’s place do something. Then, the big parabolic dish next to Isaac’s house sends out some kind of signal.

A signal? Who is getting the signal, and why is Isaac so happy? This last thing that happened on the show leaves a lot of questions and room for theories. There’s no doubt that some real-life cults also influenced the people who made Welcome to Eden, along with the many other shows that did. Heaven’s Gate is the one that seems most like the Eden cult we see on the show.

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