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Have Boosted and Kayla from Street Outlaws broken up, or are they still together?

There’s a good reason why shows like Street Outlaws do so well on television. For six nail-biting seasons, fans have been treated to the exhilarating spectacle of skilled street racers going head-to-head while behind the wheels of some seriously sweet rides. After Kayla Morton of Street Outlaws started posting images on Instagram without her boyfriend Boosted, fans began to speculate that the couple had broken up. You can find more details regarding their relationship from this article.


Have Boosted and Kayla broken up, or are they still together?

According to Distractify, Fans of Street Outlaws who had hoped for a future romance between Boosted and Kayla should breathe a sigh of relief: the couple appears to be going strong till date. Even though they haven’t said so publicly, it is clear from a brief perusal of Kayla’s Instagram that she is still very much in love with Boosted because she has brought back images from her archive that include the word.

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It wasn’t until August of 2022 that Kayla finally learned that Boosted is “dreamy” and “spoils her rotten.” Kayla’s page features pictures of her and Boosted’s two sons, Austin and Cooper, and photographs of her at the gym and in various cars. One of racing’s most beloved families appears to be as close as can be at the moment.

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How have the couples become close to each other?

Before the show, Kayla Morton and Chris Hamilton, aka BoostedGT, already knew one other. Despite this, they got along great and respected one another as fellow racers, although they were nothing more than pals. Over time, though, they grew to appreciate one another’s company. The two started as friends, but it wasn’t long until they were clearly in love.

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Kayla and Chris have developed a lovely connection over the years, and they’ve kept their followers informed by frequently posting on social media. Although it is not known if they are married, Austin and Cooper are lucky to have such doting parents. Word on the street has it that Chris’s native state of Texas is also where his family currently resides.

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