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Aaron Carter Net Worth 2022: What Was Aaron Carter Highest Net Worth?

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Aaron Charles Carter is an American who plays many instruments, sings, and dances. When he was only seven years old, he started singing lead vocals in a band called Dead End.

In the late 1990s, Carter’s popularity grew quickly, especially among teens and young people.

In the same way, he has made a name for himself not only with his studio albums but also with his live shows. His first album, “Aaron Carter,” was in the top 10 in many European countries.

It was also the 12th best in the United States. Around the world, more than a million copies were sold, and in the United States alone, more than 100,000 copies were sold.

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Aaron Carter: Net Worth 2022

Source says that as of 2022, Aaron Carter has a net worth of $1 million. Yes, his new financial number is better than the one he had before.

Aaron Carter: Early Life Details

Aaron Charles Carter was born in Tampa, Florida, on December 7, 1987. His parents, Robert (who died in 2017) and Jane, ran a retirement home. Carter grew up with Nick, who was in the Backstreet Boys, Leslie, BJ, and Angel, who were all older than him. Leslie died in 2012 from an overdose of drugs.

Two weeks before she died, Aaron offered to pay for her to go to rehab. Aaron started making music when he was very young, and his parents were in charge of it. He went to Frank D. Miles Elementary School and the Ruskin School and had tutors teach him while he was on tour.

Aaron Carter: Personal Life Details

In January 2019, Aaron started dating Melanie Martin, who is a model. In April 2020, Aaron told the couple that they were going to have a baby. But in March 2020, they broke up because Martin was arrested for beating Carter. Aaron was once engaged to actress Kari Ann Peniche and had affairs with Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan.

At the beginning of the 2000s. Carter had several health problems, such as a hiatal hernia and an inability to digest lactose. He also had trouble sleeping. In 2017, he went to a rehab center in Malibu because he was getting too skinny and not getting enough food.

In 2019, Aaron said that his late sister Leslie sexually abused him for three years when he was 10 years old. He also said that his brother did the same thing.

Aaron Carter: Career Details

Carter’s first job was as the lead singer of a Tampa band called “Dead End,” which was made up of people who went to a rock school there. But their tastes were different. Carter liked pop music, while the others liked alternative rock.

He made his first solo show when he was only nine years old. It was the start of the “Backstreet Boys” tour in Berlin in March 1997. The same year, his first single, “Crush on You,” came out.

Aaron’s Party (Come Get It), his second album, came out in 2000. It had several singles, like “I Want Candy.” “Aaron’s Party (Come Get It)” and “That’s How I Beat Shaq” are two of his songs. Disney and Nickelodeon often played the songs.

“Another Earthquake,” his next piece, came out in 2002. It did okay, but not as well as some of his other books. It was also the last studio album Aaron made for Jive Records.

Carter’s manager, Johnny Wright, said in 2011 that Carter was in a treatment center to heal emotionally and spiritually. He spent a month at a rehab center in California called the Betty Ford Center. After that, he started acting like himself again.

Aaron Carter: Relationship Status

The singer has dated a lot of well-known people. Aaron went out with Lindsay Lohan for a short time in 2005.

When he was 18 years old, he asked a Playboy model to marry him. Before he came out as bisexual, Aaron dated Madison Parker for a short time.

In 2018, Carter also said he had met the person who was meant to be with him.

He posted a picture on Instagram with Lina Valentina, an artist who was born in Russia and now lives in Los Angeles (which has since been removed).

Carter is now engaged to Melanie Martin, and he got a tattoo of her name on his face as a sign of his love.

Also, in November 2021, Prince Carter, the couple’s first child, was born.

Aaron Carter: Controversy

Aaron was arrested when he was 20 years old because the police found two ounces of marijuana in his car.

In 2013, he also filed for bankruptcy. Carter had a debt of $3.5 million. Also, he finally paid off the debt in 2014.

Then, in July 2017, Aaron was pulled over for speeding in Georgia and held because he was thought to be driving while drunk.

Also, when police found marijuana and drug-related items in his car, he refused to take a drug test.

Carter has been told that he has severe anxiety, schizophrenia, multiple personality disorder, and manic depression.

Aaron Carter with his Wife
Aaron Carter with his Wife

Aaron Carter: Music Career

Carter started performing when he was seven and became the lead singer for the band Dead End. Two years later, he left the band. In March 1997, while opening for the Backstreet Boys, he sang a version of “Crush on You” by The Jets, which got him signed to a record label. In the fall of that year, Aaron put out a single called “Crush on You,” which went gold in Australia.

When it came out on December 1, 1997, his self-titled first album was at #5 on the Norwegian charts and #6 on the Swedish charts. Carter’s second album, “Aaron’s Party (Come Get It),” came out on September 26, 2000. It got to number 4 on the “Billboard” 200 list.

From the album, which was certified 3x Platinum, came the singles “That’s How I Beat Shaq” and “I Want Candy.” Aaron was the opening act for a few Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears shows at this time, and in March 2001, he did a live concert on the Disney Channel with Samantha Mumba. The next month, at the age of 13, he made his Broadway debut as JoJo the Who in “Seussical.”

Real Estate

Aaron paid $430,000 for a 2,686-square-foot home in Lancaster, California, in October 2018. He put a three-bedroom house on the market for $599,000 in July 2020.

Favorite Quotes By Aaron Carter

“Love shouldn’t be about jealousy or anything like that. It should be about commitment and being able to trust that person. If you can’t have that from the get-go, there’s a problem.” 

“When I was 6 years old, I was in a rock band that was horrible called ‘Dead End.’ The name kind of described us. People liked us; we would go and perform at coffee houses and stuff.” 

“I was singing in a mall, and I picked a girl to come up on stage with me. As I was grabbing her hand, I fell off the stage. It felt like I was in the air forever, flying like Superman.” 

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