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Rebel Wilson Dating History: Boyfriends And Current Love Life Details

Funny woman In the Netflix original film Senior Year, Rebel Wilson plays a woman who wakes up from a coma and decides to relive her high school glory days, including becoming prom queen and getting back together with her old flame.

But who is Wilson’s real love interest? The Australian comedian has kept her past relationships pretty low-key, but she hasn’t been afraid to show them off on her main Instagram account (or letting the world know about her breakups). Here is a list of her past relationships.

Is Rebel Wilson Dating Someone Right Now?

Wilson said that she is dating designer Ramona Agra at the beginning of June 2022.

“I thought I was looking for a prince from a Disney movie… But maybe all this time, what I needed was a Disney Princess. “#loveislove,” she wrote next to a picture of herself and Agra.

Wilson went to the 2022 Vanity Fair Oscar party with Agruma as her date, but no one knew they were a couple until Wilson announced it on Instagram.

Wilson hasn’t confirmed or denied the rumours, but she has been linked to professional tennis player Matt Reid in the past. The Australian actress hasn’t been very open about who she’s dated in the past, but she has been linked to actor-producer Mickey Gooch Jr., stuntman Aden Stay, and Beacher Media Group founder Jeff Beacher in the past.

Reid and Wilson haven’t said anything about their rumoured relationship in public, but Wilson did post a jokey Instagram caption in February about “playing the field” during the 2022 Super Bowl. Her post said, “I don’t usually “play the field,” but yesterday was different?.” She then congratulated the Los Angeles Rams on their historic win.

Who Did Rebel Wilson Date In 2020?

During their six-month relationship, the comedian went out a few times with her then-boyfriend, who was 11 years younger than her. Busch is a descendant of the famous beer company Anheuser-Busch. Busch is a brewery owner himself, and in 2016, he released his own beer called Son’s Beer.

Why Did Rebel And Jacob Stop Dating?

Wilson hasn’t said much about why they broke up, citing Busch’s desire for privacy, but a source told PEOPLE, “Jacob was a great guy, but he wasn’t right for her in the long run.” Another source told Page Six that the relationship had “just run its course,” even though Busch wished Wilson a happy birthday on Instagram after the breakup was said to have happened.

Wilson didn’t want to invade his privacy, but she did tell an important fact: they started dating before she started her “Year of Health” weight loss plan. She says this shows women that they don’t have to be a certain size to get a boyfriend.

Rebel and Jacob
Rebel and Jacob

Has Rebel Wilson Gotten Married?

The Senior Year actress has never gotten married, but she’s definitely looking for the right person. After she and Busch broke up in 2021, she said she had her own “hot girl summer,” but none of the men were right for her. “You learn things about yourself and what you want from every relationship,” she told PEOPLE. “I haven’t met my perfect match yet, but I’m hoping.. We’ll see.”

Does Rebel Wilson Have Kids?

Right now, Rebel Wilson doesn’t have any kids, but she wants to have a family someday. The 42-year-old has been open about her trouble getting pregnant, and she has said that her desire to have a healthy baby one day was one of the reasons she lost a lot of weight.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, she said, “I’ve been going through a fertility journey for the past two years, and I hope to have a family of my own someday. But it’s still not clear if that’s what will happen. I feel like (it’s) not over yet. It’s kind of like a roller coaster for your feelings. But I’ve done my best, so whatever happens, happens.”

Wilson has talked about her struggles before. On an Instagram Live in December 2020, she talked at length about her choice to freeze her eggs. She told her fans, and especially the working women who were watching, “Getting to your 40s is kind of like waiting a little too long.” If you can, do it a little bit earlier.”

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