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Potty Safe Net Worth: How Is Potty Safe From Shark Tank Doing In 2022?

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Potty Safe is the first potty training chair that is safe for kids. When the inventors’ daughter was teaching their daughter to go to the bathroom on her own, the idea for the invention came up.

Their daughter dumps the waste all over the place, which makes a big mess, so they made a safety lock for Potty Safe.

In this blog, you can read about Potty Safe’s Shark Tank appearance, its founders, its profile, its investors, its revenue, and more

What Is Potty Safe?

.Potty safe is a type of product for children that are used to teach them how to use the toilet. The people who came up with this idea couldn’t find a potty chair that was locked, so they decided to make one themselves.

The product is only $ 28.95 and comes in three colors: grey, hot pink, and yellow.

It also helps parents feel less stressed while training, and it takes away the stress of keeping things clean and in order. On the online platform, the product can be bought.

Potty Safe: Net Worth

At the time they were on “Shark Tank,” potty safes were worth about $250,000 as of 2022.

Who Is The Person Who Started Potty Safe?

Talk about what potty safe is, and then let’s talk about the people who came up with this amazing idea. Couples named Stacy Hall and Colt Hall came up with the Potty Safe. They first came up with the idea for the product in 2013. On August 21, 2018, they opened their business and started selling the product online.

Potty Safe Before Shark Tank

Before going on “Shark Tank” and inventing “Potty Safe,” The two people who worked for Halls full-time did most of their work in the evenings. The crazy thing they made is that the trash can locks to the base. This makes it hard for a child to take it off and make a mess.

Pitch Potty Safe to Shark Tank

The founder of Potty Safe went on Shark Tank and asked for $ 50,000 in exchange for 15% of their business.

As their sales of $17,00 in 2019 gave the sharks pause, they all left the deal, but Lori called the couple back and made them an offer: 20% of the business for $50,000. The Halls Duo happily took the deal.

Did Shark Tank Make A Deal With Potty Safe?

Stacy and Colt Hall are from the area, and they had the chance to swim with sharks. Lori Greiner gave the Halls and Potty Safe $50,000 for 20 percent of their business. This turned out to be a plot twist in the end.

Is Potty Safe Making Money?

It costs $6.50 to make one unit, but they sell it for $28.95, giving them a huge profit margin. Their product comes in three different colors: grey, yellow, and hot pink. Small children love these colors, and the same thing draws in customers.

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