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Overlord season 4 episode 13: Release Date, Time, And What To Expect

Overlord” is a light novel written by Kugane Maruyama and illustrated by so-bin. Kadokawa Shoten’s manga magazine “Comp Ace” started a manga adaptation by Tomo Oshio and Fugin Miyama. In the year 2138 AD, the popular online game Yggdrasil was quietly shut down one day during the boom of virtual reality.

However, a player named Momonga decided not to opt-out. Momonga transforms into his skeleton avatar as the most powerful wizard. The new world changes dramatically as NPCs feel emotions and Momonga smells different from the game. Momonga, who has no parents, no friends, and no place in society, aims to challenge the new world of games.

Episode 13 Release Date

Episode 13 of the Overlord IV anime will be released on Tuesday, Sep 27, 2022.

Overlord Season 4 Episode 13 – Preview Trailer

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Episode 12 Recap

The title of Episode 12 of Overlord Season 4 is “Invasion of the Royal Capital”. As the soldiers of the Magic Kingdom prepare to invade, the situation within the walls of the royal capital is extremely tense. For some reason, instead of launching an all-out attack on the royal capital, Ainz dispatches Cocytus and Aura.

Returning from the battlefield, Pandora’s Actor tells Ainz how he bowed to Riku Aganeia to end the battle. Even so, Ainz insisted that he didn’t care. Despite the Pandora actor explaining everything he knows, Ainz still feels it’s not the right time to fight Riku.

Ultimately, he tells his men that they need to accept another defeat in order to gather more information about Riku. After all, he wants to make sure he doesn’t have to fight him. During this time, Princess Renner meets several of her subjects in the Kingdom of Riestiz before meeting Blue Rose. However, things don’t go their way there.

Despite Lakyus’ seemingly normal behavior, the rest of the group seems concerned. While the other members of the group seem distracted, Lakyus seems to be her usual self. Lakyus is very uncomfortable after being offered tea and taking a sip seconds later. After turning their backs on the leader, Blue Rose members attack left and right. Cast an enchantment spell before teleporting out of the capital.

When Brain Anglaus encounters Princess Renner, he is handed Stronov’s sword and fights the Ainz army alone. An invasion is expected to begin because everyone fears for their lives. Aura approaches the walls with several hungry monsters in tow, shocking the few soldiers guarding the border. The map he carries allows Aura to jump over castle walls quickly. As a result, the nearby soldiers are confused because he doesn’t pay much attention. Almost all soldiers who encounter Aura’s monsters faint after climbing the wall.

Aura finally finds the Mages Guild and decides to go there. In addition, Cocytus brought the Frost Virgin his band to the royal capital. When he walks down an empty street, he seems so wary of threats that the street freezes along with the nearby houses.

With little intention of attacking unless pushed, Ainz seems to have dispatched Cocytus and Aura to monitor the city. Unlike other nobles and civilians who fled the invasion, Brain Anglaus was one of the few nobles and civilians willing to fight to his last breath.

In order to find Ainz’s men, he went straight to the downtown area of ​​the royal capital. In order to be able to attack him directly, the Magic King’s ruler even considered hiding in one of the empty houses. Blaine noted that most of the houses had not been abandoned because many civilians could not escape. None of Ainz’s undead army survived, so Blaine knew the massacre was coming. Blaine knew he was in danger, but he didn’t hide or run. His confrontation with Cocytus was fearless. The god-slaying Emperor Blade was casually pulled out by the enemy without any warning, and he didn’t even show any signs of nervousness.

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Episode 13 Speculation

Overlord Season 4 Episode 13 is titled “The Witch of the Fallen Kingdom” and follows the scene where Ainz also enters the capital and delivers the final blow to the Kingdom of Liestize. Judging by the preview, he is ready to smash all citizens and destroy the city, turning it into a cemetery. I want to give a suitable punishment for the foolish decision of the Kingdom of Resties. But those who follow and benefit from the kingdom of sorcerers will receive their due from him.

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