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Maxxxine Release Date: When Will It Arrive? Plot and Characters

Set after the events of Pearl and X, MaXXXine, the new movie starring Mia Goth, has released its first look. After the world premiere of Pearl at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), the third installment of the X-horror franchise has been officially announced. Mia Goth reprises one of her two X roles in MaXXXine, a sequel to the events of X. After doing the same with X and Pearl, Ti West returns to write and direct.

MaXXXine’s first look installer has also been released; you can watch it below courtesy of A2 on YouTube. MaXXXinen, Maxine (goth), sole survivor, strives for stardom by trying to break into the acting world of 1980s Los Angeles. The film is produced by Ti West, Jacob Jaffke and A2 . Goth oversees production. Harrison Kreiss and Kevin Turen are additional producers. The release date of the film is not yet known.

Maxxxine Plot & Characters

Lead star Goth also has a screenwriting credit on “Pearl,” while she will be executive-producing “MaXXXine” with A24, Jacob Jaffke, and writer/director West producing along with Kevin Turen and Harrison Kreiss.

The casting call cut-off is fast approaching, so might as well shoot your shot to be part of the XXX take on a slasher, coming soon. For inspiration on how to apply, check out the “X” climax below.

Maxxxine Renewal Status

The second film in the series and its prequel Pearl premiered at the Venice Film Festival where it was praised by film critics and audiences alike. It had its North American premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival on Monday. It hits theaters on Friday, September 16.

Goth takes place several decades before the events of X, and in that film Goth reprises her role as would-be psycho-biddy Pearl. Goto describes her character as “a starry-eyed country girl with a short fuse here and there and a deadly ambition.” Regarding X’s achievements, producer Peter Phok told MovieWeb, “It’s incredible to be a part of something that starts from an idea and goes from script to screen.”

Ti West and A24 Want You to Be Extras in Slasher ‘MaXXXine’ Opposite Mia Goth

“Since it became available to the public, X has soared to new heights. It already exists and is rooted in popular culture. With all the memes and references, the overwhelmingly positive response from fans and critics of X is amazing and entertaining. Phok said of the decision to expand the story into a trilogy: “Set sixty years before X, the prequel presents Mia Goth as a deep and complex gem. Ti is excited to bring this world to life. It’s a satisfying end to the film trilogy and continues its tradition of delivering something fresh and innovative.

Official Trailer

Ti West’s decision to turn the series into a trilogy seems to have been reinforced by the widespread popularity of the series over the years, especially considering Pearl’s success at various film festivals. MaXXXine has yet to announce a release date, but Pearl is expected to be released on September 16, 2022.

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