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What Happened To Tracy Edwards Of The Jeffry Dahmer Story? Where Is He Now?

The recent Netflix film Monster: The Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer Story fictionalizes the life and deeds of Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer. The short series shows how Dahmer, one of the most notorious serial killers in U.S. history, lured people back to his house so he could kill them.

The biography says that Jeffrey often had sex with the bodies of his victims before he cut them up, and he kept skulls and genitalia, and other reminders of his crimes in his house.

Between 1978 and 1991, Jeffrey Dahmer killed 17 people, most of whom were gay young men, but Tracy Edwards managed to escape. Tracy managed to get away from Dahmer’s grasp, and his account contributed to Jeffrey’s eventual capture. What about Tracy Edwards, though? What you should know is as follows.

How did Jeffrey Dahmer and Tracie Edwards Met?

On the evening of July 22, 1991, Dahmer made an offer of $100 to three men he had met at a Milwaukee pub to return to his apartment.

One of the men, Tracy Edwards, who was 32 at the time, said yes and went to Dahmer’s apartment to hang out with him.

According to the Chicago Tribune, when Dahmer tried to tie him up and brandished a knife, Edwards got leery of him.

While he was distracted, Edwards kicked Dahmer in the head and left the flat.

Two Milwaukee police officers responded to Edwards’ call, and they went with him back to Dahmer’s apartment. They found Polaroids of Dahmer’s victims’ bodies that had been cut up, as well as a lot of body parts, including two whole skeletons and two whole heads.

When Dahmer was caught, he admitted to killing people and pleaded guilty to 16 counts of murder. He was given a total of 16 life sentences.

Who is Tracy Edwards?

According to Biography, serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer victimized Tracy Edwards in 1991 when he was 32 years old. On July 22, 1991, Tracy broke out of Jeffrey’s house, and the police discovered him wandering the streets with shackles dangling from his wrist.

According to Biography, Tracy took the police back to Jeffrey’s residence, where Jeffrey offered to obtain the handcuffs’ keys. When the police looked through Jeffrey’s bedroom for the gun Tracy said he threatened him with, they found Polaroid pictures he had taken of more bodies that had been cut up.

According to Biography, when the police searched Jeffrey’s apartment after he was arrested, they found a head in the refrigerator and three more in the freezer. They also found jars of men’s genitalia and a large number of Polaroid photos of his victims.

What Happened to Tracy Edwards?

Tracy Edwards would later testify against Dahmer in court in 1992. This was part of the legal process that led to the serial killer’s conviction.

Edwards was arrested on July 26, 2011, 20 years after he barely escaped Dahmer. He was suspected of helping another man throw someone off a Milwaukee bridge with the help of a third person.

News from ABC At the time, 52-year-old Edwards had been living on the streets and hopping between shelters since 2002.

For his part in the death of the man who was thrown off the bridge in 2012, Edwards entered a guilty plea and was found guilty. Tracy was given a sentence of 1.5 years in prison and an additional 2 years of extended monitoring after his release. Tracy Edwards will be 63 years old in 2022.

What Has He said About Jeffrey Dahmer?

Tracey testified in court that Jeffrey had taken him to his bedroom and told him he wanted to devour his heart. Additionally, he said that the Dahmer he had met in a pub was “not the same person.”

“His facial features were unusual…

He said, “It was like it wasn’t him anymore.”

What has become of Tracy Edwards?

A Milwaukee County Circuit Court found Edwards guilty in 2012 for his part in the man death who was tossed off the bridge to his demise. Tracy was given a sentence of 1.5 years in prison and two years of extended supervision by the judge.

Where Tracy is right now is unknown.

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