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10 Incredible BTS Facts and Statistics: Why Is BTS So Popular?

In the past few years, BTS has quickly become one of the world’s most popular and influential Korean groups. It’s no surprise that this innovative boy band has an incredibly passionate fan base. If you’re interested in learning more about the success of BTS, this article is for you. Here we will provide a comprehensive overview of all things BTS, including essential facts and statistics about their albums, music videos, awards, and accomplishments.

About BTS

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BTS, also known as the Bangtan Boys, is a 2010-formed South Korean boy band. The band consists of Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook, who co-write and co-produce most of their material. Originally a hip-hop group, their musical style has evolved to include various genres. In contrast, their lyricism has focused on topics such as mental health, the struggles of school-aged youth and coming of age, loss, the journey towards self-love, individualism, and the consequences of fame and recognition. In addition to referencing literature, philosophy, and psychological concepts, their discography and related works feature an alternate universe narrative.

Why Is BTS So Popular?

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Their multilingual (Korean, English, and Japanese) music attracts a global audience, igniting a tourism boom in their native nation. The HRI estimated that at least 796 thousand people visited South Korea for BTS in 2020.

This is merely a sample of how vast and varied their ARMY is. Their fan base, which stands for Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth, has also proven highly devoted, especially on social media. Each member’s personal Instagram account has over 34 million followers, and the group’s 64 million followers make them the most-followed group on the app. Each of their tweets on Twitter (where they have 46 million followers) receives approximately 2 million likes.

Additionally, they are exceptionally talented performers, have uplifting messages in their music, speak out on important issues, and have formed a natural bond with their fans. Additionally, the fact that their friendship is palpable is a plus. As a result of the sense of community and security that many people find in the group, their supporters become even more devoted.

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10 Incredible BTS Facts and Statistics

  • BTS Was One Of Two Artists To Sell 500,000 Copies Of An Album In The United States

According to Nielsen Music’s annual report, only two albums sold at least 500,000 copies in 2020: Taylor Swift’s Folklore and BTS’s Map of the Soul: 7.

Map of the Soul: 7 sold 674k copies.

  • BTS Has Won Every Award Possible.

BTS has won 483 awards out of 692 nominations to date.

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  • BTS Is A Literal National Treasure

BTS is a precious brand. According to available data, the band contributes over $3.9 billion to the South Korean economy. The Hyundai Research Institute discovered that approximately 800,000 tourists visit South Korea annually due to BTS. In addition, by bringing in $3.9 billion annually, the septet could generate $39 billion in economic value over the next decade!

  • If BTS Fans Were To Form A Real Army, There Would Be At Least 13 Armies’ Worth Of People.

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The acronym ARMY, which refers to the BTS fanbase, stands for “Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth.”

Between January 1, 2020, and December 31, 2022, 12,98 million unique authors mentioned BTS online. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, an army typically consists of 400 000 to 1 000 000 soldiers. The most conservative estimate would be thirteen armies considering notable authors and army figures from Britannica.

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  • BTS’s Mentions Are Ablaze

Over the past decade (we examined social data between January 1, 2013, and December 31, 2022), BTS was mentioned close to 2 billion times. That’s an average of 547,945 mentions daily – aka a lot of social conversation. And 36.96 million unique authors initiated BTS-related Twitter conversations.

    • BTS Fans Love A Hashtag

Well, don’t we all? But this ARMY is primed for social media. A year ago, there were close to 370 million Tweets containing BTS-related hashtags, a 7.5% increase from 2021. Most posts have hashtags, with #bts leading the way, followed by #bts butter. To provide context for the latter. Last year, BTS’ “Butter” topped the Billboard Top 100 chart for ten weeks, breaking Aerosmith’s 23-year record. In 2022, “Butter” ranked fourth on the list of the 10 YouTube videos with the most comments worldwide, with over nine million.

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These were the most used hashtags between 2013 – 2022. Additionally, #bts butter was the fourth most popular BTS-related hashtag over the past decade.

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  • The Band’s Official Twitter account, @BTS twt, Has An Influencer Score of 92

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Audiences by Brandwatch rank Twitter accounts based on several criteria that, when combined, produce their influence score. And with a score of 92 out of 100, @BTS twt is one of the most influential Twitter accounts and the most influential K-pop band on Twitter. As of writing, they have more than 48 million followers.

Here you can find more information about influential Twitter accounts and influencer scores.

  • Fans Believed In The Band

Big Hit Entertainment (BTS’ record label) went public in October 2020. The move finally allowed die-hard fans to buy a share of their favorite band.

In our post (K-pop Goes Public), we discussed how this news generated nearly a million online mentions, and despite the novelty of investing in a band in this manner, it appeared to have paid off in 2020. Since the announcement of BTS’s breakup, the share price of Hybe Co., the agency that manages BTS, has decreased by nearly 25 percent.

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  • 2022 Will Be Another Record-Breaking Year For BTS, Which Currently Holds Over 25 Guinness World Records.

 BTS won multiple Guinness World Records in 2022, including their record for “Dynamite” with “Butter.” Here is a look at a selection of 2022’s records.

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V by BTS broke two world records in less than five hours—one for reaching 1 million followers on Instagram the quickest, in just 43 minutes. The second award was for being the fastest Instagram account to get 10 million followers (4 hrs 52 min).

  • The group with the most Instagram followers
  • The most popular musical group on TikTok
  • Twitter’s most-followed musical artist
  • Most popular band on Spotify
  • A music group with the most Twitter engagements (average retweets) (a record that they have topped four times)
  • “Butter” broke five records, including the most viewed music video on YouTube in 24 hours and the most streamed song on Spotify in the first 24 hours.
  • Most concert tickets were sold for a live-streamed performance (756,000)
  • Made group history at the Billboard Music Awards 2022, scoring the most trophies (three) than any other group or duo

The list continues.

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  • BTS Fans Make Charitable Contributions In The Band’s Name

BTS and Big Hit Entertainment donated $1 million to Black Lives Matter in the United States in June 2020. And within 24 hours, the group’s fanbase matched the donation, raising $1,026,531 from 35,609 donors. BTS did not comment publicly on the contribution. In 2022, V’s fans worldwide raised more than $17,000 for South Korean flood relief. Last year, $30k was raised for the families of the Indonesian football stadium tragedy victims.

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Final Words

In conclusion, BTS has made an impressive and remarkable impact on the music industry. The group’s success continues to skyrocket, as seen through their ever-growing fanbase and the many awards they have won. BTS has created a unique sound that captivates audiences worldwide, which is reflected in its facts and statistics. They are one of the most successful K-Pop groups in history and have also broken barriers for other artists within the same genre.

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