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Anna Burns-Francis Pregnant: Is She Expecting Or These Just Rumors?

Anna Burns-Francis has made a name for herself in the dynamic media world as a tenacious US Correspondent for 1News, situated in the energetic city of New York.

She has worked as a current affairs journalist and TVNZ broadcaster before. She is well known for her relentless pursuit of truth, her ability to expose wrongdoers, her advocacy of the vulnerable, and her skill at conducting in-depth investigations and consumer product testing.

However, there have been whispers on the internet lately about her starting a new chapter in her life. The floating reports about Anna Burns-Francis being pregnant have sparked speculation and excitement.

In the article that follows, we look at the rumors that are circulating to learn the truth about her pregnancy. If you’re interested in learning more and discovering whether the well-known journalist is actually expecting, keep reading.

Is Anna Burns-Francis Pregnant?

Anna Burns-Francis is indeed expecting a child. The excitement around Anna Burns-Francis reached a fever pitch with the return of TVNZ’s Breakfast Show, and this time, it wasn’t only about breaking news.

In the recent episode, Anna made an unexpected revelation: she’s expecting! The hosts, inquisitive about her vacation activities, were taken aback when Anna casually disclosed:

“I got sick of waiting for us to announce the fourth presenter, so I just made my own. Talk about making headlines in a personal way!”

Anna shared the news four days ago on Instagram with a heartfelt remark, building up the suspense even more:

“A holiday for two that was actually three – we’re very excited for a little Burns-Francis-Gordon baby due later this year (we celebrated by heading to the land of raw fish and delicious umeshu).”

Is Anna Burns-Francis Pregnant?
Is Anna Burns-Francis Pregnant?

Who Is The Husband Of Anna Burns-Francis?

The marriage between Burns-Francis and Simon Gordon is a pleasant one. Anna Burns-Francis is contently navigating married life after being married to Simon Gordon.

The couple got married in a modest church in August 2023 in front of their closest and dearest and after this, she was named as TVNZ’s new US correspondent.

Check out the official tweet below:

They opted for a big celebration a week following their wedding rather than a little ceremony. After choosing the seemingly easier route at first, Anna found that planning a wedding was a challenging endeavor.

The pair, who had become engaged in New York a year earlier, chose to take the more challenging but ultimately rewarding path of organizing a once-in-a-lifetime event.

After a romance spanning three years, Anna and Simon made the decision to tie the knot. Anna reflects on the significance of their relationship in the past and says: “It felt very much like this marriage is for us and really meaningful.”

Their journey from engagement to wedding day was proof of their love and loyalty to one another. As they begin this new chapter of their lives together, the pair stays grounded in their shared experience that transformed their union into a deeply personal commitment rather than just a celebration.

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