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Zombies 3 Disney Officially Confirmed, Release Date Status, And All That You Must Know!

Zombies 2, a Disney Channel Original Movie from the United States, will air on the Disney Channel on February 14, 2020, at 8 p.m. With Milo Manheim, Meg Donnelly, Trevor Tordjman, Kylee Russell, and Carla Jeffery returning their roles from the first Disney Channel Zombies, as well as Chandler Kinney, Pearce Joza, and Baby Ariel joining the cast of Zombies 2 After a tumultuous first outing, the zombies and cheerleaders of Seabrook have largely reconciled and are now trying to integrate werewolves into their community.

The long-awaited third chapter of Disney+’s musical series Zombies has finally been released. A new, but short, video has Milo Mannheim and Meg Donnelly discussing the premiere of Zombies 3 release date.

The third installment of the series sees the entrance of aliens into the already odd musical world of zombies, cheerleaders, and werewolves. The movie will premiere on Disney+ on July 15 and on Disney Channel on August 12 in a special version featuring additional footage and a new soundtrack.

Following Zed (Mannheim) and Addison (Donnelly) into their final year of high school at Seabrook High, Paul Hoen returns to the helm as DGA Award-winning and franchise director. Seabrook, formerly a human-only settlement, has evolved since the first film into a meeting place for both people and monsters.

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To coincide with Addison’s preparations for the first-ever worldwide cheer-off in Seabrook’s history, Zed is planning his historic entry into college as the first-ever zombie to do so on the strength of an athletic scholarship. With the entrance of aliens, the idyllic village is once again threatened by friendly contests.

Zombies Season Plot

Before Seabrook was founded, settlers fought werewolves over the moonstone, an energy relic.

The film opens with the zombies absorbed into Seabrook. Zed plots to ask Addison to Prawn, Seabrook’s version of Prom, as Addison captains fresh recruits against experienced cheerleaders taught by Bucky. Bucky declares his candidacy for class president, so Addison expects to become cheer captain.

A bus transporting cheerleaders enters a prohibited area, Addison and the cheerleaders encounter werewolves, and the mayor reinstates anti-monster laws. Zed runs for class president to go to Prawn with Addison once zombies are outlawed.

Meanwhile, werewolves’ moonstone necklaces lose strength. Werewolf prophecy says a white-haired girl will take them to the moonstone, so they enroll at Seabrook to contact Addison. Zed offers them guidance on how to merge into Seabrook, but the zombies embrace their werewolf features.

Wyatt, a high-ranking werewolf, welcomes Addison to their lair, where they tell her the prophesy and give her a fully charged moonstone necklace. If she’s a werewolf, it’ll turn her. The werewolves give her one day to decide and disclose that destroying the power station will destroy the moonstone. Zed steals Addison’s jewelry the next day because he’s envious. Zed wins the presidential debate against Bucky, but when the Z-band shorts out owing to the moonstone, he loses.

The werewolves attack Seabrook Power’s demolition crew. Addison, alerted by a school alarm, arrives with cheerleaders and zombies to stop the devastation. Zed tells Addison he grabbed her jewelry once the demolition is postponed. She puts on the necklace, but she’s not a werewolf. Shorted demolition device destroys Seabrook Power.

Zed and the non-humans crash Prawn night. Zed and Addison reconcile, but the ground shakes and rips up, glowing blue. The werewolves discover the moonstone isn’t destroyed and search for it. Humans and zombies assist. A large rock blocks the moonstone. Zed removes his Z-band and utilizes his undead power to raise the boulder. Zed and Addison then kiss at Prawn.

Post-credits, a blue meteor falls from the moon, awakening Addison and making her hair sparkle.

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