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The Perfect Family Ending, Explained: Is Paul Died in The End?

The Perfect Family,” or “La Familia perfecta” in Spanish, is a funny comedy on Netflix about a woman named Lucia, who has dreams from her youth that make her more self-aware. No matter how old she is or where she is in life, she finds things that match her goals and interests. She leaves a marriage where she feels unimportant and starts a new journey to find herself.

When the “T” in Lucia’s ideal family starts to fall apart for many reasons, including a dependent husband who doesn’t know where the fridge is in his house and a son who wants to marry a woman she doesn’t like at all, she realizes for the first time that she is a much more independent woman in her position. One adulterous kiss changes her life, and from a tiny, invisible cocoon comes a beautiful butterfly. Let’s look at how Lucia changed from a weak girl to a strong woman who lives by her inner truth.

‘The Perfect Family’ Ending Explained: Does Lucia Reunite With Her Family?

When Lucia tells Ernesto the truth, she turns around and yells at him as she walks away in the rain. She packs up her things and looks for a place to live alone that same night. The chrysalis is finally starting to change into a butterfly. Something inside her has changed, so she decides to leave her husband and her old life behind.

Lucia wants to start over on her own somewhere in the city. She agrees that she and her husband don’t have any feelings for each other. Her son has started a new life with his wife, and her new love interest, Miguel, is trying to save his marriage.

Lucia gets a flat, which she slowly fills up with things to make it feel like home. She buys a run-down house all by herself with a small amount of money. Cleans up the dirty room slowly before starting to dance slowly to the loud Spanish hip-hop music coming from outside. She decides to get a haircut as a way to celebrate being on her own. She dresses much more casually and is much less stressed out.

She goes back to her old school with her hair cut in a classic bob to see if she can get her job back as principal. A former student is scared of her, but that fear goes away when Lucia says she is proud of what she has done. Lucia changes like a chameleon to fit in with her new life.

Over the past few weeks, Lucia has written many letters to her close family and friends to explain why she left and what she is looking for. The most important letter she writes to herself is one in which she explains why she chose this path and also forgives herself. Things are about to change when the school where Lucia works want to hire a PE teacher.

Sara is the last person to stay after everyone else has left. Olmedo, who went to the school and interviewed Lucia, says that they don’t discriminate against pregnant women, but she doesn’t know that Lucia knows Sara. Lucia is so happy to hear that her daughter Sara is going to have her first grandchild.

When Lucia finds out that Sara is pregnant and looking for a job, she goes after her. Sara is angry and can’t stand to see Lucia, but Lucia says that Sara can come to this school to work if she still wants to. Sara goes back to Lucia’s school before Christmas Eve and agrees to teach PE as long as she doesn’t tell her mother that she and Lucia work together. As soon as Lucia says yes, Sara goes to work at her school.

Both sides have decided to come to dinner on Christmas Eve. Lucia has put some space between the two sides, which gives her a sense of neutrality. They find a Christmas card at the school where they work that shows Sara and Lucia. The only person who doesn’t know where Sara works right now is her mother, Amparo.

Everyone tries to keep this picture from Amparo until the priest who married the couple takes it out of the drawer and moves it around the table so that Amparo can’t see it. Sara’s son takes the Christmas card out of her purse to show her that she is working with Lucia.

When Lucia sees how helpless Amparo is, she stands up and tells everyone in the room that she doesn’t want to be invisible in her marriage and that she won’t give up her right to live the life she really wants, with all of her needs met. She is not sorry because she is responsible for her life and has no regrets because everything she did was for a reason and she knows what she wants better than anyone else.

Sara’s water breaks when she gets up to follow Lucia from the table. Sara is rushed to the hospital, where a beautiful baby girl is born. A graceful and beautiful ending to the story of a strong-willed woman who found herself being with another strong-willed woman.

The Perfect Family
The Perfect Family


Why Does Rose Act Out And Get In Trouble?

Throughout the movie, Martin is sure that his family is the best. In reality, he doesn’t. All of the stress he’s been putting on his daughter Rose will soon reach a breaking point.

Rose is an average student, but in order to make her Father happy, she feels like she has to be the best. She even has tutors come to help her out after school. Because of this, she doesn’t have time to hang out with her friends, so she ends up being a bit of a loner.

She buys test results so she can do well on her tests and get ahead. Her teachers found out, though, and she was kicked out of school.

Now that she is stuck at home, she quickly realizes that Mathis’ bad behavior is not being punished like hers is. This makes her feel even farther away from her family.

Rose and Martin don’t start talking about their problems until they take a trip to the country. Interestingly, this is also done while both are underwater in the lake. Water is often a metaphor for feelings, so the fact that this is happening here shows that these two are about to drown in problems.

What Does Rose Do? Does She Do Well On Her Tests?

Rose finally goes to stay with her mom after she and Martin had a fight. Rose’s mother isn’t much of a good influence, though, because she takes Rose to a bar to drink and hang out.

That night, Rose goes home, while her mother stays with two of her male friends. Here is where Rose starts drinking by herself.

When she checks online, she sees that her test results are a bit of a mixed bag. She passed some of her tests, like Physical Education, where she got a 97, but she failed Mathematics.

This is not easy for her to take. All of this is too much for Rose, and the first time we saw pills in the movie, we see them again here. Rose takes her mother’s pills from her cabinets and overdoses in the bathroom. When Rose’s mother gets home, she finds her daughter passed out on the floor and takes her to the hospital right away.

What Happens At The End Of The Guide To The Perfect Family?

In the final scene, Martin takes Mathis and Rose to the park for ice cream with him. There are no tools. No phones, iPods, or close-ups of clips from social media. Instead, the three of them just sit and enjoy the sun. Where is Marie-Soliel, then?

Well, we know from an earlier scene that she’s exhausted from trying to be the perfect mother. She is tired of dieting, doing housework, and taking care of Mathis. She needs a break.

This scene seems to show that Martin has made a deal with her. He has decided to take care of both kids and let his work take a bit of a back seat.

Mathis gets up from the bench quickly and runs to the swings. He trips and falls, and Martin wants to help him right away. Rose tells him not to, which is a nod to Marie-way Soliel’s of raising the child, which has been to keep the child close.

Mathis gets back up without crying, which is a surprise. At the end of the movie, Rose and Martin are sitting on a bench and watching Mathis swing.

Is There Anything Unresolved?

Yes, the movie does have some side stories that don’t get wrapped up. One of these is the broken relationship between Marie-Soliel and Rose. This is never really settled by the end of the movie, but these two do fight more than once. It’s a little sad that we don’t get to see them in a scene together. But now that Marie-Soliel is taking a much-needed break, it’s possible that they’ve made up off-screen.

Rose’s tests and future are also left a little bit up in the air. Martin wanted her to work hard in school and get a diploma, but Rose is much more interested in photography. For that, too, you don’t need any professional qualifications, so it’s possible that she will apply for it in the future.

But since this movie’s ending isn’t very clear, we’re left with a few loose ends.

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