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Who is Zeinab Harake’s Boyfriend 2023? Lets Explore Her Past Romantic Relationship

Since her debut as a singer, Zeinab Harake’s fame has skyrocketed in the Philippines. She is now one of the most famous artists in the country, and her fans are always eager to know more about her personal life. The topic that has caught many people’s curiosity is who is Zeinab Harake’s current boyfriend. This article attempts to answer this burning question by exploring what we know so far.

About Zeinab Harake

Zeinab Harake’
Zeinab Harake | Image Source: Philippine Star

YouTube star Zeinab Harake was born in the Philippines. Zeinab was born on September 10, 1998, and in a few months, she will turn 24. In October of 2017, she launched a channel on the video-sharing platform YouTube. Publications routinely report on celebrity dating news and controversy.

The most common inquiry is whether or not Zeinab Harake’s new partner has been the subject of any web reports. The well-known YouTuber maintains her most popular channel in the Philippines known as Zeinab (also known as Zebby) (also known as Zebby). She records video diaries, lifestyle vlogs, and challenge vlogs.

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Zeinab Harake Reveals Surprising New Romance

Zeinab Harake has a new boyfriend! Recently, the social media personality disclosed that she is in a new relationship and stated that she wishes to keep it private. TV5’s Facebook post on September 9 confirmed that Zeinab is in a new relationship and that the couple wishes to maintain their privacy by keeping their relationship “low-key.”

Zeinab Harake’
Zeinab Harake | Image Source: The World News Platform

First rumors of Zeinab’s new love surfaced in July when she posted a Twitter photo with an unknown man. She penned, “Looking for the right Mr. Black? Shh.” The announcement of Zeinab’s new love comes several months after the YouTuber confirmed in an interview with Toni Gonzaga in May 2022 that she and Daryl Ruiz (AKA Skusta Clee) have split up. Zeinab disclosed that she and Daryl broke up while she was pregnant with Moon, whom she miscarried, as well as Daryl’s alleged extramarital affair.

Following Zeinab’s interview with Toni, Daryl released a song titled “Kumpisal” with Gloc-9 in which the rapper confessed to God and asked for forgiveness.

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Relationship Timeline

In May of 2017, Harake disclosed that her ex-partner, the rapper Skusta Clee, had Cut her. She said she miscarried Moon, her second kid, and they broke up while she was still pregnant with her. When Harake finally found Skusta Clee cheating, he admitted it to her. This was not the first time Harake and Skusta Clee had broken up and gotten back together, though; they had previously broken up in 2018.

Zeinab Harake | Image Source: Philippine Star

Harake does not feel any regret over reconciling with Skusta Clee because he only fathered one of her children, the baby girl Bia, who was born in April of 2021. A few months ago, Zeinab was said to have kicked Lipata, Skusta Clee’s new girlfriend, in a bar. The problem has become so terrible that Clee’s claimed new girlfriend has vowed to sue the YouTuber.

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Many people are saying that Lipata destroyed a family, but the details of the tragedy are not yet available online. Clee and Harake’s divorce has been made public. On the other hand, Harake discovered the rapper’s infidelity when she read his text messages on his laptop.She did say that she had seen her partner making out with another lady but did not go into detail about the texts she had read.

But the rapper said he was not cheating on her. He claimed that he no longer had the same love for her after they had their child because of the changes she had through.

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