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Awkwardness of Zac Efron’s love scenes with Nicole Kidman once made him uncomfortable

Former couple Zac Efron and Nicole Kidman acted out a steamy scene together.
However, the actors and director both made mistakes that made Efron’s scene uncomfortable.

The film “The Paperboy” stars Nicole Kidman and Zac Efron.

The Paperboy, starring Efron and Kidman, was directed by Lee Daniels and released in 2012.

A reporter’s solo investigation into a murder committed by an inmate on death row would be the focus of this film.

The character Efron plays is the journalist’s younger brother, who gets engaged in the investigation.

Efron’s participation in the film presented him with a significant career opening.

It gave him an early opportunity to branch out into a wider variety of film roles and forced him to step outside his comfort zone.

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The actor said, “I wasn’t supposed to feel at ease,” according to Backstage.

“In this role, I portray a young, innocent man who gradually develops a more sophisticated understanding of the world.

These days, I’d like to broaden my horizons and try new things when it comes to movies.

It was an incredible experience, and I hope to keep getting roles in films like this one.
Lee Daniels had a clean slate with me.


Zac Efron’s ‘uncomfortable’ love sessions with Nicole Kidman.

The chemistry between Efron and Kidman in The Paperboy made the movie a hit. Their passionate on-screen chemistry made for an unforgettable love scene.

However, Daniels did not specify when Kidman and Efron would leave the scene in question.

While chatting with Buzzfeed, Efron explained, “Basically, I was with Nicole Kidman, and it was insinuated at the moment — it was basically improv — that we were supposed to hook up, but the director just never called ‘cut'”.

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Uncertainty over when and how they take would end contributed to the uncomfortable atmosphere. Yeah, we went there,” he said.

“I felt uneasy since I didn’t know how long we’d be traveling for. However, taking into account that it was Nicole Kidman, it was pretty neat.

Nevertheless, the former star of High School Musical insisted that the sequence marked a watershed moment in his career.

It was partly because he got to rub elbows with an actor and human being he genuinely liked. It was better than your wildest imagination.

What a kind and kind lady she was.

According to the Daily Express, he added, “I pinch myself every day, especially after performing love scenes with Nicole Kidman” (via Yahoo).

This experience was the pinnacle of my life. Totally in character, Nicole was a sight to behold.

I’ve never met anybody so grounded; she didn’t have any of that odd method stuff that some performers do.

Nicole Kidman called Zac Efron’s performance in “The Paperboy” ‘pretty out there’

The on-screen chemistry between Kidman and Efron provided the actress with a wealth of information about her co-star.

What she learned further increased her confidence in Efron’s acting potential. To paraphrase his friend Zac, “He simply has a lot of heart.

He tries very hard to be tough, but he just isn’t. That’s definitely a plus. Kidman once said to Awards Daily, “I mean that as a complement.

“Zac doesn’t put on an intimidating front. That’s a sensation I got from the screen. All he needs to do is look at you, and you immediately sympathize with him.

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My impression is that the things he doesn’t say are just as powerful as the ones he does. I have high hopes for his professional future. For the simple reason that he is also quite frank.

A man’s vulnerability is one of his most endearing qualities. However, the Oscar winner did acknowledge that there was one very disturbing sequence in the film.

In the scene at issue, Kidman’s character urinates on Efron to heal his wounds from an incident on the beach.

It was a viewpoint that caused quite a stir when it first appeared. Though Kidman was taken aback by the scene’s viral success, she was glad to have done it with Efron.

“Yes, I acted out that part. That is precisely what Lee had in mind. The plan had always included it. And the scenery is stunning.

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I really care about Zac. He’s a really kind guy, and I’m relieved that it was he.

In Zac, I know I can trust my own safety, and I’d like to think that he can do the same for me. Wow, I can’t believe it’s trending on Twitter.

She mentioned as much in a 2012 interview with Deadline.

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