Why Top Gun Maverick Won The $1 Billion

Why Top Gun: Maverick Won The $1 Billion Club When Doctor Strange 2 And The Batman Couldn’t


“Top Gun: Maverick,” an American classic from Paramount and Skydance, has made more than $1 billion at the box office, which is a big deal. This is the first movie of the year and the second movie in COVID’s history to reach that milestone. “Spider-Man: No Way Home” from Sony was the first, reaching that mark $1.9 billion earlier. With $484.7 million made at foreign box offices, Maverick’s total earnings were a staggering $1.006 billion.

These record sales were enough to beat out Disney’s Marvel adventure “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” as the highest-grossing movie of the year at box offices around the world. What did Maverick do differently this year to beat both Marvel and DC? Let’s look at this.

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Some Marvel, Dc, And Sony Movies That Didn’t Make It Into The Club

So far, Marvel Studios has released Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness in 2022, which almost made $1 billion but did not. During all of that, Sony put out another Marvel-based movie called Morbius, which bombed at the box office after two showings. In 2022, DC also came out with The Batman, another movie that wasn’t as good as Maverick. It is amazing that Tom Cruise’s first billion-dollar movie, Top Gun: Maverick, is currently doing better than two of the biggest superhero movies.

What Was Special About Top Gun: Maverick?

Top Gun: The pandemic has caused a lot of problems for Maverick. It was supposed to come out in 2019, but because key action scenes had to be reshot, the date was moved to 2020. After COVID, Maverick’s release date was pushed back four times before it was finally set for May 2022.

Because of this, people gradually got more excited about seeing the movie. Second, the movie did very well because it got great reviews and word of mouth. When the movie came out, professional critics liked it a lot, and many of them said that the sequel was better than the first one.

So, in addition to the people who liked the first movie, this made a lot of people who didn’t want to see the movie change their minds. Also, no date has been set for when Top Gun: Maverick will be available on streaming services. So, most people had to pay to see the movie in theatres or wait a few weeks or even a month before they could watch it at home.

All of these things, plus the fact that Top Gun: Maverick is a great action movie, explain why it has done so well.

Why Top Gun 2 Made $1 Billion In 2022 (When Marvel & DC Couldn't)
Why Top Gun 2 Made $1 Billion In 2022 (When Marvel & DC Couldn’t)

What Did Batman And Doctor Strange 2 lack?

First of all, to defend both of these movies, $1 billion is a lot of money, and it would be silly to think that every Marvel or DC movie would make more than this. In the case of Doctor Strange 2, the recent growth of the MCU could be the reason why it didn’t sell 1 billion copies.

Marvel has put out way too many movies, and fans have to see each one to understand the next. Also, Doctor Strange 2 might have been scarier than any of the movies that came before it. There were many times when real scares and jumps happened. It makes sense that many parents didn’t think it was good for kids.

DC’s failure is almost certainly due to the way the Batman character has been used. Even though Robert Pattinson played Batman, which made him the third actor to play the role in the last ten years, it still makes sense that many people are tired of Batman.

Second, like Doctor Strange, The Batman was hard for young people to watch because of its dark and brooding tone. Also, even though it’s undeniably a beautiful piece of filmmaking, Matt Reeves’s very slow-paced and unique vision may not be to everyone’s taste.

Lastly, both Marvel and DC movies were made available on streaming services about a month after they were first shown in theatres. Fans took advantage of this so they could watch the movie whenever they wanted at home.

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