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Naomi Osaka Partners With Lebron James To Launch New Media Company

Naomi Osaka, who has won four Grand Slams, said on Tuesday that she is starting a new media company called Hana Kuma in partnership with NBA star LeBron James’ SpringHill Company. Osaka said that Hana Kuma, which means “flower bear” in Japanese, will focus on stories that are important to a certain culture but also have a message for everyone. She said that the stories would be “brave and fun,” just like her.

“I’ve built my career in a different way than those around me,” Osaka said on social media. “Because my path has been so different, it’s opened my eyes to all the amazing stories out there that aren’t getting told.” “Stories that take place all over the world, about different cultures and points of view, and that deal with important social issues.”

A press release says that James and his partner at SpringHill Company, Maverick Carter, will help Osaka with production and strategic resources.

Osaka doesn’t waste time. Her new production company is already working on a few projects. The first is a documentary made by The New York Times about Patsy Mink, who was the first woman of colour to be elected to the U.S. Congress and wrote Title IX.

James wrote on Twitter, “There’s a reason we call ourselves an Empowerment Company.” “This amazing woman and the stories she will tell are EXACTLY what we’re all about!!! So happy to have her as my partner.”

Hana Kuma is Osaka’s most recent business idea. In May, the former world No. 1 and her longtime agent, Stuart Duguid, started an agency for athletes called Evolve. Nick Kyrgios, an Australian tennis player, was the first player to sign with Evolve.

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