Shakira cancelled her tour due to fight with Gerard Pique reports

Shakira Cancelled Her Tour Due To Fight With Gerard Pique: Reports

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A Spanish journalist said that Shakira had to cancel her tour because she had badly hurt her voice in a fight with Gerard Pique.

The journalist Silvia Taules says that the couple had a lot of problems as a married couple, which caused them to fight all the time.

Taules said on the Salavame show that the couple’s problems over the past few years were caused by what was said to be cheating. The reporter also said that the two-child parent would yell and argue in the street.

“They fought in the middle of the street in front of everyone,” Taulés said, revealing that the Waka Waka singer had to cancel a tour because she lost her voice while arguing with the Spanish footballer.

Shakira And Gerard Pique
Shakira And Gerard Pique

Taules didn’t seem surprised by the news that Pique had been out drinking with the model.

“Piqué’s reputation in Barcelona’s nightlife goes back a long way; it’s not something that happened recently,” she said.

Taules also said that while he was dating Shakira, the football player was also seeing a famous Spanish singer.

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