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Who’s Alexandra Grant: Know About Keanu Reeves’ Partner

Who’s Alexandra Grant?

Alexandra Grant, a talented visual artist, has become a popular figure ever since her relationship with Keanu Reeves, the beloved Matrix star, became public. With a wide range of accomplishments, from her artwork to her philanthropic endeavors, Grant’s multifaceted world is worth exploring.

An Artist with a Collaborative Spirit

Who's Alexandra Grant? An Artist with a Collaborative Spirit

Grant’s artwork has garnered attention from various publications, such as the Los Angeles Times and Whitehot Magazine of Contemporary Art. Born in Ohio, the self-proclaimed Los Angeles native has a strong penchant for collaboration, working with renowned literary pioneers and philosophers. Her partnership with Reeves began as a friendship, eventually leading to the publication of their debut book in 2011.

Over the years, Grant has created an impressive body of work, focusing primarily on painting but experimenting with other mediums as well. Her collaborations with feminist Hélène Cixous and digital literature pioneer Michael Joyce have gained her further acclaim. Galleries, such as the Orange County Museum of Art in Santa Ana and the prestigious Marfa Invitational in Texas, have showcased her collections.

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Language, Culture, and Education

8+ Things To Know About Keanu Reeves' Girlfriend, Alexandra Grant

Grant’s multilingualism is a reflection of her diverse educational background. Fluent in English, Spanish, and French, she grew up attending various schools that exposed her to different cultures. Her educational journey took her to a British school in Mexico City, a boarding school in Missouri, and the International School of Paris in Europe.

In a 2019 interview with LA Weekly, Grant said, “Los Angeles felt like home from the moment I first arrived in 1995, especially the diversity of people, idioms, foods, and plants (like jacaranda and bougainvillea).”

Educator and Mentor

Grant’s passion for education led her to work as a college professor at several schools across the United States. With both her parents being professors, it’s no surprise that she pursued teaching. Her experience includes positions at the ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, Cal State Northridge, the Pacific Northwest College of Art, and Syracuse University.

Creative Synergy with Reeves

Keanu Reeves' Last Moment of Bliss Was in Bed With Alexandra Grant

Longtime friends Grant and Reeves first collaborated professionally on the book Ode to Happiness in 2011. The grown-up picture book featured Grant’s illustrations and Reeves’ text. Their artistic partnership continued with the 2016 book Shadows, a collection of photographs captured by Grant based on Reeves’ movements.

Sharing a vision for promoting high-quality, artist-centered books, Grant and Reeves co-founded X Artists’ Books in 2017. The publishing house aims to create works that are “portals to imagined worlds; treasured companions; the fabric of a community.”

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Public Debut and Views on Marriage

Alexandra Grant on patriarchy, the lesson her godmother taught her - Los  Angeles Times

Grant and Reeves made their public debut as a couple in 2019, attending the LACMA Art + Film Gala hand-in-hand. Although Reeves is extremely happy with Grant, the couple initially wanted to keep their relationship private.

Grant has her own opinions on marriage, placing importance on love and relationships without necessarily tying the knot. As a testament to her involvement in the marital scene, she has officiated weddings and been a bridesmaid seven times.

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A Heart for Philanthropy

In 2008, Grant founded the grantLOVE project, which produces and sells original artwork to benefit artist projects and arts non-profits. The initiative has raised funds for organizations such as Heart of Los Angeles (HOLA), Project Angel Food, Art of Elysium, 18th Street Arts Center, and LAXART. Furthermore, Grant’s works have been featured in prominent institutions like LACMA, MOCA (Los Angeles), the Hammer Museum, and the Art Gallery of Ontario.

In conclusion, Alexandra Grant is not only Keanu Reeves’ girlfriend but also a remarkable artist and philanthropist with a rich and diverse background. With her passion for collaboration, education, and making a positive impact on the world, Grant’s multifaceted world is undoubtedly an inspiration to many.

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