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Pearl Fernandez, The California Mom Who Openly Abused Her Son For Months Before Killing Him

Some argue that Pearl Fernandez did not receive proper punishment for her involvement in the murder of her son Gabriel Fernandez. and the use of torture”. However, herl friend Isauro Aguirre maintained an indifferent demeanor and showed no trace of emotion during the trial.

She was sentenced to death for first-degree murder with special circumstances of torture for his role in the murder of Gabriel.

Pearl Fernandez is reportedly experiencing a torrid time in a California prison

I want to say that my family regrets what I did… I wish Gabriel was still alive,” Pearl said before sentencing. I have.” Her Pearl accepted her plea bargain, saving her from her hangman’s noose and offering her life in prison without the possibility of her parole. Internet rumors suggest that Pearl is having a horrible time in her prison, where inmates who abuse children are reportedly treated badly by other inmates, and Pearl is reportedly no exception.
 “Pearl Fernandez is in my mom’s jail where she works and has her ass spanked,” she read in an unverified tweet. “My cousin’s colleague said he worked at the prison where Pearl Fernandez was and had to be quarantined because he hit his butt three times,” read another tweet.
According to recent reports, Pearl continues to be tortured in prison. She can request her transfer if she believes her life is in danger, but prison authorities rarely allow her transfer. Netizens seem happy to see Pearl struggling in prison. said at the time of judgment.

A judge denied Pearl’s application for resentencing

In April 2021, Pearl Fernandez filed for resentencing, claiming he did not kill Gabriel. Pearl does not “assist, assist, advise, order, cause, solicit, solicit, assist, assist, advise, order, induce, entice, solicit, or aid an actual murderer in a homicidal mission intended to kill.” said first-degree murder.

Fernandez argued that he could not have been convicted in the first degree or he could not have been convicted in the second degree because state law had changed. Superior Court Judge George G. Romeri denied the motion. She denied Pearl’s claims that she was not actively involved in the crime.
The judge said, “This is evidenced by her own admission in defending that the murder was premeditated and involved months of torture.” He reminded Fernandez that he had waived his right to appeal by pleading guilty. Assistant District Attorney Jonathan Hatami denied the request and later tweeted that the court had rendered a fair decision.
Jonathan’s tweet read: “The true measure of our community is how we treat our children. I will always stand up and fight for the weakest. Justice was served today. Given his description of their crimes at the sentencing hearing, Judge Romeri is unlikely to accept Pearl’s request. Because even animals know how to take care of a child…it’s more than animalistic,” Romeli said.

Consider How Pearl Fernandez Is Now Faring In The Present Day And In The Future

Some believe that Pearl Fernandez should have been sentenced to life in prison because he did not receive the punishment he needed for his involvement in the murder of his son Gabriel Fernandez. Pearl’s petition states that her son Gabriel’s “death was planned and tortured” was “premeditated” and that she was “deliberately tortured” and was “premeditated”. Seeing the torment inflicted on young Gabriel over the months brings tears to everyone, including me. It is clear that I am not alone in this situation.

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What Happened Exactly to Gabriel Fernandez

Gabriel Fernandez is said to have been a kind kid who loved helping people. He lived with various relatives before moving in with his mother and her boyfriends Pearl Sinicia Fernandez and Isauro Aguirre. He used to live with his uncle and grandparents. Footage of Gabriel living with his uncle shows a happy and healthy child. His mother took him in in 2012 to receive her welfare. Gabriel was physically and mentally abused for eight months. He was often labeled “gay” and punished for exhibiting feminine traits such as playing with dolls. According to his brother’s testimony, he was beaten several times and forced to eat cat litter, rotten spinach, and his own vomit. He was also bound and gagged in a “torture box”.

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