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Who Killed Sara Season 3: Confirmed Release Date, Plot & Cast Revealed!

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“Who Killed Sara?” or “Quién mató a Sara?,” which premiered its first season on March 24, has been a huge hit with viewers. When the thriller immediately rose to the top of Netflix’s non-English titles chart, the streaming service unexpectedly announced on May 19 that a second season would be released just weeks later. However, after binge-watching the entire 18-episode series, you may still be reeling from the series’ startling discoveries about the murder and the surrounding circumstances. Or, for that matter, any of the other shocking facts that show that anyone — or nothing — might have murdered Sara.

It’s possible that you’re wondering when the next episode will air, considering all the red herrings and loose ends. After all, the spectator still doesn’t know who killed the young woman, the crime that put Alex (Manolo Cardona) in prison for so long. Only a third season will be able to explain why things seem to be growing more complicated rather than simpler. Who Killed Sara?” has a lot in store for us.

When will Who Killed Sara Season 3 be available on Netflix?

After the eighth and last episode of the second season, Netflix announced, “It’s Official: Another Season Is Coming,” to those who had persevered until the end.

But for the time being, this is all that the public has learned. Netflix has not stated how many episodes the third season will include (eight like Season 2?). Season 1 had a total of ten episodes? and if it’s going to address any of the issues raised thus far in the storey.

There’s also the issue of when the new season will be released, given the show’s unpredictable course. To ensure a quick turnaround for fans, Netflix reportedly shot Seasons 1 and 2 concurrently under COVID-19 rules. However, the third season’s release date is still unknown. This is wonderful news, but it’s possible that Netflix hasn’t started production on Season 3 yet, which might imply that it will be a while until Season 3 airs. With the third season in the works, hopefully, new episodes will be out in the first half of 2022.

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Who Killed Sara Season 3 Netflix Cast:

You can expect the cast from the previous seasons to return for Season 3. There are still a lot of storey lines that haven’t been wrapped up. It’s the same with them. They want to know who killed Sara, too!

In the show’s second season, Cardona plays Alex Guzmán, the main character who is trying to find out who killed Sara (or is he?). It looks like almost everyone else is a suspect in the death of her ex-boyfriend. Alejandro Nones played Rodolfo Lazcano, who seemed like a good suspect at first. Ginés Garca Millán played César Lazcano, who was very controlling. Mariana Lazcano (Claudia Ramirez), the Lazcano family’s disgraced son, José Mara “Chema” (Eugenio Siller), Alex’s love interest and the youngest Lazcano daughter, Elisa Lazcano (Carolina Miranda), are also in the cast. Nicho is played by Matas Novoa; he is also the actor.

Who is in the cast of Who Killed Sara Season 3
Who is in the cast of Who Killed Sara Season 3

Oh, and then there’s Sara herself, played by Ximena Lamadrid in the movie. It’s not clear if Marifer and Clara will come back, because they may have died with Sara (along with a few others). There is a report that César is dead. He faked his death. It’s also not clear if there will be any new characters in Season 3. We think there are already a lot of people who could be the killers.

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Who Killed Sara Season 3 Plot: What will happen?

So as we said before, we don’t know who killed Sara, so the storey will go on in much the same way as before.

Maria, Sara’s half sister, cut the parachute harness. But Nicandro’s phone call with someone he called “Doctor” didn’t say that was the reason she died. They said that they were responsible for her death, but then again, were they? We wouldn’t bet our last penny on it because the first two seasons had so many twists and turns.

When Esquire talked to Carolina, she said that even the cast doesn’t know who the killer is or can’t say. Everyone tells me, “Oh, by the way, who killed Sara?'”

“There are times when I can’t say anything. “That’s what I’d hear from my mom.” ‘I’m your mother.’ Because I’m your mother, you need to tell me. [Laughs]. Not at all. It’s my job.”

She also said what she hoped would happen to her character, Elisa, in season three of the show.

I would like Elisa to go crazy and find out everything, so she can be the bad character in a storey and lose all of the justice and truth that she is. She can also lose all of the good that Elisa is. “She isn’t always a good person. It might be interesting to see the other side of Elisa, that it’s not always good. Because the bad person might show up again. I don’t know. I’m not the author.”

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