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Lucy 2 Release Date, Renewal Status and Everything We Know So Far


Lucy is a science fiction action film directed by François Truffaut. Luci was written and directed by Luc Besson, who also produced the film. Virginie Besson Sillie, Luc’s wife, was in charge of the production of this film. The film Themis was shot in a variety of locations, primarily in Paris, New York, and Taipei. Lucy was well-known for his masterpieces such as The Fifth Element and Leon The Professional, among others. When Luc introduced a science fiction series, Lucy, in 2014, he also introduced a female character, Scarlett Johansson, to the audience. We could never have predicted such a positive response from an unconventional Superman character. Luc Besson is well-known for his ability to visualize the strength of female characters who are represented in his films in a unique way.

Lucy, despite Luc Besson’s extra efforts and one-of-a-kind approach, has not established itself as anything other than a sci-fi action drama. Lucia actually uses the plot in a scientific way, stating that humans currently only use 10% of their brain’s capacity, but what if they could use 100% of that capacity? That is the message he is attempting to convey through Lucy’s character. Despite the fact that Lucy’s theme was not entirely accurate, the way she approached the subject was quite admirable. That was something that was not scientifically accurate, we can say that.

Lucy 2 Release Date

Lucy 2 Release Date
Lucy 2 Release Date

The most recent official meeting regarding Lucy 2 was held in 2017, three years after the previous one. During this period, Reason categorically denied any knowledge of Kuch 2, but Shamuger provided some hints in that direction. As a result, there are no further updates regarding the sequel to that. It is expected to be released in the year 2023 if Lucy 2 has received a green light from the studio. Lucy 1 was released on July 25, 2014, and has received a rating of 6.4 out of 10 on IMDb.

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Lucy 2 Plot

Lucy, with her enhanced physical and mental capabilities, is able to access all of the knowledge in the universe, and she also gains superhuman abilities such as telekinesis, telepathy, and mental time travel in the film. With her newly acquired abilities, she seeks retribution against those who were responsible for her condition. She also receives assistance from Professor Norman, who is played by Morgan Freeman, in order to better understand her condition, and she gradually uncovers all of the universe’s greatest mysteries.

Lucy 2 Plot
Lucy 2 Plot

Lucy is unsure of what to do with her abilities and determines that the only thing she can do is pass on her knowledge to those who will benefit from it. Lucy disappears into the space-time continuum at the conclusion of the film, claiming that she is present everywhere. The film, despite its scientific flaws, can be thought of as a superhero origin story in a number of ways. However, because of the way the film ends, it is unclear whether Lucy will return to her human form in a potential sequel.

A possible sequel to “Lucy” should ideally explore Besson’s ambiguous ending to the film if such a project ever comes to fruition. If Lucy’s knowledge is in the possession of Professor Norman, it could also be used to investigate what happens after that. What is the state of the world today? What will happen to Lucy now that she has become ubiquitous?

Does she have complete control over the world? Is she a fighter against evil? There are a plethora of possibilities with regard to this. In addition, because it is a philosophical sci-fi thriller, the ethics of having unlimited knowledge in the hands of several humans, such as Lucy, should be explored in depth. As a result of Lucy’s exposure to drugs, I believe there would have been a lot more experiments with the drugs she was exposed to in the future. In an ideal world, the sequel would also investigate these possibilities.

Lucy 2 Cast & crew


Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman star in the film as Lucy and Professor Samuel Norman, respectively, and play the central characters. It also features Choi Min-Sik in the role of Mr. Jang, the film’s primary antagonist, and Amr Waked in the role of Pierre Del Rio, who, according to Besson, represents the audience and provides some rays of hope throughout the narrative.

If there were to be a sequel to the film, it would almost certainly have to include Lucy in some capacity, as it was Scarlett Johansson’s performance that elevated the film to its current level of success. The fact that the film is titled “Lucy” suggests that she should be included in the sequel. If the story of the original film is followed and continued in the sequel, we would also see Morgan Freeman and Pierre Del Rio return for the third installment. Following the death of Jang near the end of the film, Choi Min-sik is less likely to reprise his role in the sequel. This means that a new primary antagonist, as well as other new characters, will be required for ‘Lucy 2,’ and that new cast members will be recruited to join the production.


Lucie was created by Luc Besson, who directed it and wrote the screenplay as well as produced it. He worked on it because he was personally fascinated by the capabilities of the human brain, and he chose to explore it in relation to ethics, morality, and mortality as a result. He took a philosophical approach, transforming an ordinary woman into a superhero who is unsure what to do with all of her newfound power. As a result, Lucy stands out among the other sci-fi and superhero films, and among the other superhero films in general. Besson’s philosophical exploration of humanity in the midst of all that power is at the heart of the film.

A sequel to the film should be directed and produced by Luc Besson, who is perhaps the only person capable of doing the film justice. Following the commercial failure of Luc Besson’s ‘Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets,’ EuropaCorp CEO Marc Shmuger allegedly stated in an interview that the company was currently working on a sequel to Lucy 2, which was allegedly shot in 2017.

It was also rumored to have revealed that Besson had already begun writing the script for the sequel. After a few days, Besson himself came out and stated that the rumor was “fake news.” He also stated that he had no plans to work on a sequel to the film “Lucy.” However, given that the alleged source of the news was Shmuger, there may still be room for a sequel to the film, given that there is no smoke without fire in the world of fiction.

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