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Fear The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 16 Last Review: Madison And Morgan Were Both Blindfolded On The Way

Fear Morgan explored the uncharted places he set out on in The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 16. I’m hoping that the new location is safer for baby Mo than the one where they used to live. Morgan had previously placed the show’s leadership in the hands of Alicia. She took on Strand’s tower, but it eventually fell down, allowing her party to transport the rafts to Morgan’s destination.

Now, be afraid. Morgan is getting to know the new region in Season 7 Episode 16 of The Walking Dead. The types of people that dwell here, as well as the dangers he may confront. Also, does PADRE exist, and if so, what is it? A prominent character is also brought back in this episode. So, let’s take a look at what happened in the episode.

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Fear The Walking Dead Season 7 Recap

The end of Season 7 of Fear the Walking Dead not only started over for Kim Dickens’ “late” character Madison, but it also set up a meeting between Alicia’s mother and Morgan that was anything but cute.

As “Gone” started, Morgan, who had drifted with Mo all the way to Louisiana, was caught by a group of hooded men who thought he was a child thief and wanted to bury him up to his neck on the beach so the tide would come in and drown him. He was saved by Madison, who turned out to be the baby thief they were looking for (considerably less swell).

Through flashbacks, we learned that after the ballpark fire that we thought had killed the series’ original protagonist (refresh your memory with TVLine’s recap), she was taken in by the mysterious P.A.D.R.E. organization, given enough oxygen to keep her huffing like Dennis Hopper in Blue Velvet, and told to kidnap as many kids as she could get her hands on. Lil’ Mo was the most recent thing the collector bought.

When the posse found Madison, Morgan told them that Nick and, as far as he knew, Alicia were dead. When the dust settled, Morgan had saved Madison from becoming a walker surf-and-turf, and she had saved him from being bitten by a zombified Ava. (Because Fear of the Walking Dead now only has one-episode-long guest stars.) Madison suddenly wanted to help Morgan find Mo, so she made him trade information about his seafaring friends for a trip to P.A.D.R.E.

What happened? She didn’t know. She and Morgan were both blindfolded on the way. That was the end of Season 7.

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