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Who Is Stephanie Gosk Married To? Everything You Need To Know About Jenna Wolfe

Stephanie Gosk is an American news anchor who has graced the screens of several major networks, including NBC, MSNBC, and CNBC. With a successful career in broadcasting, many people have wondered about her personal life – mainly who she is married to. This article will provide a comprehensive look at Stephanie Gosk’s relationship status, exploring who she was married to when they married and other relevant details. Read on to find out more about Stephanie Gosk’s marital status!

Who Is Stephanie Gosk Married To?

who is stephanie gosk married to

Many people are interested in Gosk’s personal life, relationship status, and professional career. While there is no record of Gosk being married in the past, she is currently in a relationship with former NBC News correspondent Jenna Wolfe, her lesbian partner. They have been together for several years and reside with their daughter in New York City. In 2013, she made waves when she addressed same-gender marriage on Global Television. She actively advocates for the fundamental rights of homosexuals and is involved in charitable work.

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Jenna Wolfe, the lesbian partner and wife of fellow news correspondent Stephanie Gosk was formerly a journalist for NBC News. The pair announced their relationship to the public in 2013 along with Jenna’sJenna’s pregnancy. Stephanie and her partner were ecstatic to embrace themselves publicly and bring a child into the world. Jenna told People Magazine at the time,

“This is the most exciting thing that has ever happened to us… But I don’t want to bring my daughter into a world where I’m not comfortable telling everyone who I am and who her mother is.”


Wolfe is the mother of Quinn Lily Wolfeld-Gosk, age 8, and Harper Estelle, age 6, to whom she and her partner Stephanie Gosk gave birth.

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Who is Jenna Wolfe?

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Jamaican woman Jenna Wolfe was born to a Jewish mother and father. After immigrating to the United States, Wolfe studied English and French at Binghamton University. Wolfe is a multitalented woman who is both an actress and a fitness trainer, and an accomplished journalist. However, Wolfe left NBC News after more than eight years of employment. This has led to a great deal of curiosity about this 47-year-current old’sold’s activities.

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Wolfe has also appeared in films such as The Buffalo Son, Homeland, and Royal Pains, which some fans may recognize her. Wolfe returned to journalism in 2017, signing a contract with the FOX Sports 1 channel. Wolfe currently anchors the morning show First Things First, which delivers in-depth analysis and opinions on sports. Wolfe is also active in the fitness industry, giving her fans regular training routines and nutrition recommendations. In addition, as the mother of two kids, Wolfe is busy in her world. 

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Final Words

In conclusion, Stephanie Gosk has been in a loving relationship with Jenna Wolfe for several years, and their relationship continues to go from strength to strength. The couple has faced public support and criticism for their relationship. Still, it has proven itself as an inspirational example of two strong individuals who are comfortable being open with the world about their love. Despite numerous obstacles, the couple remains committed to each other and is out, showing the world love is love.

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